Home Treatment Advice During Covid-19

According to Dr. Nida  Mohsin,  we should keep the following items   in the medicine cabinet  at all times in  case someone in the family comes down with symptoms of having the coronavirus. 

 If  you display any of the coronavirus symptoms –dry mouth, fever, cough, shortness of breath –  she urges that you go into self isolation and start treating yourself.

 What Dr. Mohsin calls “the treatment kit”   includes:

  •Peppermint, spearmint or  eucalyptus  essential oils  

Covid-19 restricts breathing…. If you start displaying first signs  even  before the fever – start administering steam baths with these oils to help open up the  membrane and keep the breathing regulated.

 •Vitamin C    •Vitamin  D    •Zinc Supplements     •Carob Molassas  or Carob Essence-  amamzing for lung health   

•Manuka Honey –  kills germs more than other honey!!  

•Black Seed or Back Seed Oil – highly  potent and very  effective in fighting infections.

•Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt :   very effective  when it comes to  gargling  also, to clean out the lungs, take a couple tablespoons of either salt with juice of one lemon – add to pot of boiling water – cut up the lemon and add to water and    salt – inhale steam  every 3 hours…hydrates the lungs and literally cleans   them out.

If you can’t ride out the fever and want to reduce the fever  take Tylenol not Ibuprofen.

If you have symptoms treat it like you have  Covid-19 and go into self isolation. 

(Ed. note:     If you develop any of the followig warning signs  as outlined by the CDC, get medical attention immediatley: trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest; confusion or inability to arouse, bluish lips or face.)