Glimpse of an NBA Future During Trying Times

story and images by A. Dorcely

While these are trying times that can shaken our beliefs and our souls,  we shall not fear, for a better time will come. I wish good health for all as you read this and that your families are continuing to be healthy and take the advice of those we believe to be guiding us through these difficult times to stay in. Now I hope I can bring some levity in your lives for a moment. While writing this I’m hoping to bring some to my own.

So many positive sayings and acts have sprung out of nowhere to show us what our communities and our country can do when we are faced with sickness and death. The word resilient comes to mind. It may be an overused word in my vocabulary. But once again it fits and reminds us of what we’ll  need for the coming weeks.

Amongst all of this, as adults we’re a bit more seasoned in adjusting to adversity. But there is a loss of time that is being charged to the young adults, teenagers and kids in our neighborhoods. Something we’ve never had to go through before and no generation prior. Classes, birthdays, graduations and sporting events either postponed, can’t be celebrated properly or are all together cancelled.

At this point you’re probably saying to yourself, if this is levity I need to get back to my quarantine routine. Well here’s what I promised and what I can tell you. Soon we will be able to watch the sunrise and dance below the moonlight. Soon we will be able socialize and take a ride just to get ice cream. And soon for those of us that are sports enthusiast, the NBA draft will be coming!

This year you will see a Buffalo product in the draft. Jordan Nwora who

Nwora goes for lay up against Canisius HS.

played high school basketball at The Park School has decided to re-enter the draft after returning to Louisville for his Junior year. Nwora who attempted the jump last year returned to school after succumbing to an injury that sidelined him from pre-draft workouts. Now with the abrupt end to the college basketball season and the loss of an opportunity for a NCAA Championship this chapter in his athletic career has come to end.

Jordan Nwora averaged 18 points while grabbing almost 8 rebounds per game. He also shot approximately 45 percent from the field. Nwora standing at 6’7” was named the ACC pre-season player of the year and is currently projected to be drafted late first round or early second round. But I believe he’s better than that. With everything going on currently in the world we know nothing goes as expected.

  Stanley goes up for dunk against GA State.

Joining Nwora in the draft are the likes of Lamelo Ball(NBL), Cole Anthony(University of North Carolina) and Cassius Stanley(Duke). The draft class of 2020, many leaving school early, may have decided to do so because of the monotony of “Groundhog Day” as well as the disruption in the normal trend   of student athletes college career. So why wait on a dream? Why not see what the future holds as soon as you can? Carpe Diem to the Draftees!!!

P.S. By the time you’re reading this the WNBA has already conducted it’s draft that was held on Friday, April 17