Feed Buffalo Food Pantry Healthy, Organic, Halal Safe Food Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

by Staff Reporter

Feed Buffalo is the City’s first organic Halal safe food pantry located at 456 Massachusetts Ave. Owner operator Drea  D’Nur opened  the west side location in May 2019 to heal residents  with a healthy food initiative that incorporates Buffalo’s underprivileged Muslim refugee and poor Black  communities.

Just a month shy  since opening  Feed Buffalo, D’Nur has had a successful first year developing relationships and partnerships as well as an outpouring of support from  various reliable organizations and community members who have been donating an abundance of  healthy organic fresh, frozen, dry and canned food as well as monetary donations allowing her to keep a steady flow of grocery items to customers in need. 

“This is not a food pantry with healthy options” she said. “Everything we have here is healthy, that’s what my mission is based on, she said….No community should be exempt from access that honors their dietary restrictions.”

Feed Buffalo Owner Operator Drea d’Nur (center) with community members, partners and supporters 2020

With  the sudden onset of the COVID-19 crisis where food desserts and those less fortunate are even more compromised, D’Nur wasted no time focusing her attention on the immediate needs of those impacted. She even created curb side service for those unable to get transportation to pick up from the pantry,  practicing the suggested social distancing of the time.   

“COVID-19 is real, and I’m so grateful for those who have reached out to support Feed Buffalo with the type  of foods we desire to provide, delivery service by way of car, bike messengers  so that we can continue to safely support others especially those who are unable  or are fearful to leave their homes. She continued: “At  minimum it’s been five to seven families per day we have fed, even had students who don’t have food and plenty of people who are practicing organic lifestyles in need.”

With the COVID-19 school shutdown until further notice D’Nur has to homeschool five children in between finding ways to supplement her own income as she is no different from any other creative artist and non-profit operator impacted by the current crisis.  She recently raised funds for her family with a virtual healing concert on her birthday where a portion of the proceeds will go to Feed Buffalo. 

She definitely has her hands full but her heart overflows with love and sense of community that keep her and the pantry going strong. 

“Community is like a big family, said D’NurWe shouldn’t need a religious epiphany to convince us to  feed  people healthy food. We actually aren’t doing anything so grand. Feed Buffalo is fulfilling a very basic human right- the right to access healthy food.”

To donate organic, healthy, halal safe food drop-off Wednesdays 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. at 456 Massachusetts Ave. Online at www.feedbuffalo.org or on social media @feedbuffalo