BATTLE ON THE HILL: Man Vs Corona And The Death Of “Big P”: What We Gotta Do Until This Demon Is Under Control

Dat Corona…. She slick. They call her C19. She seems to be running rampant in the town.

 I feel like this is a battle between Black men and C19. I understand men, women, seasoned saints, and infants have been infected. I offer prayer to every household that’s been infected by this demon. But through this social distancing, I can only speak to the situation of the men I see. Social distancing keeps me on the east side of Buffalo. We live in a segregated county. So, it seems to be an assault on Black men. I was a 70’s baby. Growing up my thought process was getting married, having kids, having grandkids, and passing on due to a mature age. The 90s hit. Crack strategically appeared on the streets of the eastside. The then thought process was “hope I don’t get killed, shot, or go to prison over the influx of drugs.” 

Now 20/20 hit. Her name is Corona. The problem with her is she  strikes fast and we’re not sure of her origin. We’re not sure who is next. We’re not sure if or how long it’s been carried around the community. We’re not sure why it effects Blacks four times more than everyone else. The question becomes. Is this another assault on Black men, AGAIN?

I think local leadership is doing well with what they have. I think leadership has been visual.  I applaud Mayor Brown for implementing the good neighbor’s network door to door. We certainly must see about our neighbors, especially the elderly.  I applaud my friend and University District Councilmen Rasheed Wyatt for being accessible and keeping us informed on the community level.  I applaud Erie County Legislator April Baskin for providing the community honest information about C19 in the 14215 community. You can see literature on her Facebook page. I have a lot of respect for Governor Cuomo. Everyday looking into a camera he  seems to be totally transparent of the status, his thought process, and his vision to fight this demon.

Why did I feel the spirit to write this? Why did I feel like I needed to reference the above? Sometimes my thought process overwhelms me. Especially when I think about “the people.”  I’m one of the people. When I reference the people I’m referencing the hood. The eastside. The strongside. The voiceless. When I hurt and I get overwhelmed for the people, my pen bleeds all over a piece of paper.

 I lost a good friend the other morning to COVID19. His name was Paul Kennon (EDP). The hood called him Big P.  Everyone loved Paul. He was a good man. A God-fearing man. Wasn’t on drugs, well spoken, and worked security full time. Always a positive spirit in the room. He was an honorable man. If he says he’s with you – you  can bet he’s with you.  

The above political mentioned people can only do so much.  They need more help from the Federal government. That being said –  in my opinion I say this as raw as I can say it    HELP AIN’T COMING! 

People we must look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves from a hood standpoint. Until this demon gets under control we gotta stay indoors more, gotta stay out of jail, gotta quit running in packs, gotta stop sharing blunts, gotta stop sharing cigarettes, gotta stop sharing bottles, gotta stop hosting open door card parties, gotta keep a thermometer in the house, gotta start and end the day with temperature check, gotta stop sending our kids to everyone’s home,  gotta wash counters, gotta wash hands constantly. Most of all gotta pray. I believe prayer works. So, when the demon enters our body at  least the Lord is in us to fight the battle. 

Jesse Doyle

I purposely used slang words in this article. The people     I need to reach understand every word I wrote. I need them to gravitate to this message. It may save a life. Rest in peace Paul.