Universal African Black Cross Nurses Covid-19 Report

In these times we are facing an actual pandemic. In the interest of protecting their people, nations and governments of the world are coming together to try and contain this very serious issue.

Knowing the history of these things when speaking of African people around the world, we must ask ourselves who has diasporic African people’s interest as their primary charge?

The answer is simply, the Black Cross Nurses.

An auxiliary of the Government of the UNIA-ACL, the Universal African Black Cross Nurses were developed to assist our people in areas of general health and wellness as well as responding in time of extreme need.

At a time when the Red Cross would not hire Black nurses, Amy Garvey and Henrietta V. Davis created the Black Cross. This auxiliary served our people by providing food, blood pressure checks, graduating nurses with certificates, developing clinics and hospitals, and even sent bandages to Ethiopian fighters in the Ethio-Italo war. In this vein we write this article today.

First, despite the inclination to do so, we must not follow misinformation in the guise of conspiracies. The idea that African people are immune to the Covid-19 virus is disproven by the recent reports of at least 45 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in places like Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, South Africa, Cameroon and Togo.

Experts have cited the fact that the numbers are lower due to less international links with the rest the rest of the world. The Africa Report states,”Africa gets approximately 5% of global tourism flows, and an even smaller 4% of China’s tourists.” Less tourism as well as less access to testing will logically provide for lower numbers.

How concerned should we be?

As far as levels of fear are concerned, it is suggested that you do not panic, yet still remain cautious. Transmission is believed to be similar to the cold or flu virus, either person-to-person or from contact with infected surfaces or object.

The World Health Organization and CDC have released lists of cleaning products to assist in prevention. Hand sanitizers approved should have more that 60% alcohol. The local Black Cross has begun its Hand Sanitizer Initiative to provide bottles to schools and senior centers. We appreciate all who have donated to support this initiative.

Other tips include:hand washing (20 seconds or more), covering cough, avoiding handshakes and places where people are sneezing and coughing. Prevention at this time is the only weapon we currently have, please use it wisely!

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