Protect The Children Yes! But Don’t Send Us All to the Poor House !

Dear Editor:

Regulating the speed in our school zones is good for the safety of our children. HOWEVER, tell your young mother, running late for her $400/wk before taxes job, dropping off the child who missed the bus, or the lunch that was left on the table, that she has to pay $380 of that $400. THE FEES ARE TOO HIGH – period!!

I know you guys said it was not a money grab, but when you take $380 from someone who is only making $400, and jeopardize their license and add fees and require you to take classes,time off from work, etc., etc., if that is not a money grab

– what is it!?! $100 fee is bad, but it wouldn’t kill the head of the household the kid this law is trying to protect, lives in.

What was the urgency that it had to be put in place immediately, without enough thought about the collateral damage being taken into consideration. THE FEES ARE TOO HIGH- period!!

I am ashamed that we can vote to give rich developers (who probably don’t even live in the city) huge tax breaks. That money could be used to expand our subway to go down more than one street or fill some of these axle breaking potholes all over the place!

To try to make up that missing money and close our deficit on the backs of public school parents, hard working citizens and out of town visitors is simply not fair!

Mayor Brown, Council President and Common Council members who went along with this shenanigans – THE FEES ARE TOO HIGH – period!

Lower them please!

-Karla Thomas

(image of a school zone with camera and signs  on Delaware avenue near ferry /  challenger photo)