Will Holton’s Annual Talent Showcase:Love Cadenza VI – A Performance With Purpose

pictured: THE CAST (from left to right): DMott, Ms Keya, Carel Logan , Will Holton (rear), Jetaun Louie (rear),  Christy Smothers, Kissena and Cal Parmer 

For the past 12 years, Buffalo, native saxophonist Will Holton has showcased local talent and national talent with his much anticipated concert series at the Tralf Music Hall Saturday February 8th . 

With a deep passion for the success of the community’s singers and musicians, Holton’s  shows – Love Cadenza, Night of Stars, Soulful Spring, Christmas to Remember, Generations, and Sax in The City – have successfully  presented many of  Buffalo’s rising stars and have reintroduced some of the legends to a new audience, beautifully closing a musical generational gap. 

“My intention is for these artists to see higher in themselves and surpass their own goals,” the talented young  musician said. “Some of the performers have turned into influential, powerful mainstays in Buffalo, and others are currently touring the world. “

His annual “Love Cadenza” concert is in its 6th year and has taken on a new meaning to Holton,  who is celebrating his 40th Birthday. 

Before he would become one of the Queen Cities musical treasures, he would encounter two life-threatening experiences as an infant. 

 -A Mother’s Love-

Will’s   mother, Yvonne Holton, shares the following story of a mother’s love:

“Will was born on Valentine’s Day, and two days after he was born, the doctor says you can’t take him home because he has complications; he has four holes in his heart. They  (finally) released him saying we will see you in a month and will set up a surgery date for the heart. 

 When I took him back   Dr. Katherine   at Children’s Hospital asked, “Is this  the same baby?”  I said yeah, this is, and she said there’s total healing, no holes, no need for surgery  and no follow-up. Then two months later he developed spinal meningitis.  He had a temperature of 105 degrees, went into a coma and was packed in ice   at Children’s Hospital. 

 The doctor said if he wakes up, he’ll be mentally and physically challenged. 

 During this time I went to the local Church near the hospital and prayed and went to the prayer box and put all the money I had in the box. 

Will  woke three days later, and he was screaming, and I said he’s hungry. My son was fine. He was no longer having those complications. They tested his brain function and everything and he was  perfectly fine. 

  The only mark he has is on his left ankle. 

  There is so much power in prayer!” 

-A Concert From His Heart- 

“It’s purpose by design, and you can’t argue that,”  stated Will. “To be born on a day that is symbolic to the heart, have heart and other life-threatening complications then by the prayers of my mom, dad, and the grace of God, survive!…It’s time to give back even more! 

“So I made a call to the American Heart Association of Buffalo and Niagara and left a message. I received a call back from Jackie Mangione, and she was happy about my survival, and my desire to give back. I  will be doing more with the American Heart Association of Buffalo and Niagara beyond this show. 

“I’ve decided a portion of all proceeds will go to benefit the American Heart Association of Buffalo and Niagara annually as a   tribute from myself to the world. “

-Love Cadenza VI Line Up –

“I’m so excited to work alongside and see the growth of a lot of these artists. Some of which I worked with for over 15 years.  Here’s my fantastically talented line up!

•Jetaun Louie – A Classically trained singer, actress, and model as well as an HBCU graduate. 

•DMott Motley – National recording artist, Pastor, and Drummer phenom who has worked with John P Kee and others. 

•Buffalo Best Kept Secret”  – Christy Smother   has performed on the Queen Latifah Show, Showtime at The Apollo and is a vocal powerhouse with remnants of Whitney Houston. 

•Carel Logan – Pure Synergy – has worked with Eric Bellinger and also has his solo projects. Son of Samson Logan singer and actor. 

•Ms. Keya -Soulful singer and amazing actress appearing in the new movie “Conflicted” coming out June 2020 by King & Reed Films 

•Brian Freeman – Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductee and recording artist that has traveled four continents performing for USO with BMHF Van Taylor’s of Taylor Made Jazz. 

•Kissena –  Has been performing professionally since she was 15 years old and shared stages with legendary actress and singer Aaliyah 

Opening the show with his band will be singer/guitarist Omeri Monroe. A fresh sound to the Buffalo music scene, but making waves with his group “Papas Crates” a mixture of Pop, Rock, Soul and Hip Hop. 

It’s going to be an awesome show you don’t want to miss, and it’s a concert with a purpose. 

Reserved tickets start at only $30 and are available at Doris records 286 E Ferry St, tickets can also be found on ticketmaster at www.ticketmaster.com and   on  www.tralf.com

See you there!