The Garveyite Perspective

The  Buffalo UNIA-ACL Division #433 is celebrating its 5 year anniversary! Looking back at fondly on the times we’ve had throughout the years. Beginning in 2014, what would become the founding members began organizing African Ancestry Academy and Sankofa Ministries. The motto, “Our heritage is our doctrine”, teaching history for the purpose of building on the foundations our ancestors laid. The goal was to honor the diverse founders of the UNIA-ACL, and their ability to unify despite social, political or religious differences. By February 2015, the connection was made with the Parent Body and the Charter for Division #433 was born!

 Currently 5 of the original founding members are still very much active. This core group is responsible for reviving and maintaining the legacy of Marcus Garvey in Buffalo NY. Through the years  Bro. B. Imhotep, Sis Nina Burgos, Bro. Herb Rawls and Sis Sophia Blyden have remained steadfast. Developing the Black Cross Nurses, the Universal African Legion, the Shovel Brigade, Community Clean ups, Political Report Cards, Historical Garveyite District, the Black Buffalo Conventions, as well as parade and security details, in the interest of service to our people. Division Chaplain Dewitt Lee has been the driving force behind the Panther Breakfast, several flag raisings around East Canada, as well as the preservation efforts  and naming of Marcus Garvey Way in Buffalo and in Toronto. Thank you to Bro. Ras X in Toronto and and organizers in Rochester for making Black History and expanding Division #433 to their areas. The relationships gained throughout this time have been too many to name, however the most fruitful are the ones where we can educate our people. We thank Johnetta R. Cole Post #24, Dorie Miller Club, Charter School of Inquiry, B.E.S.T. Academy, I-Prep, Motherland Connextions, Amexum Mu, Buffalo Criterion, Challenger Community News, NOI, Rafi Green Ctr and the Law offices of Craig D. Carson for affording us these opportunities to teach and unify with our young people.

 In this year of centennial, celebrating 100 years of the flag of this Grand Association, it is our responsibility  as Garveyites to teach the truth about the Red, Black and