The Garveyite Perspective

Educational, Inspirational, Intergenerational & Interdenominational!

by Lyon Blyden

The local UNIA-ACL Division #433 would like to thank Mr. Brown, Ras Jomo and the entire Juneteenth Board of Directors for allowing the 2nd Black Buffalo Convention to be held at the headquarters on Genesee and Moselle this past weekend.

The 2nd Black Buffalo Convention was similar to the first. Well attended by individuals and groups that have not typically come together, who came together for the sole purpose of benefiting Black Buffalo. A special shout out to Bro. Dahveed Muhammad and the mighty Mosque #23 for representing in force. Community organizers such as Carolette Meadows, Betty Jean Grant, Sherry Sherill, Theresa Land, Bro Isaiah, Sister Patricia, Bro. Desmond Abrams, Bro. Nate Boyd, Sister Fragrance, Sis. Brina (Mini-Fragrance), Bro Dynamite Soul, Bro. James, Mother Akua and many others all unified to bring our people together.

Topics on the convention floor included Organizing for Education, a memorial honoring Malcolm X and his contributions to Buffalo, Sankofa Health Conference in Toronto (2/8), Maat Law Academy (Rafi Ctr. 2/22 @12), The Harriet Tubman March (3/7/20) and an informative presentation on Land Trusts by Bro. Zaid Islam.

This is not a drill. The local Black Government of the UNIA-ACL has made it clear, unification is a must! Consistency is key to maintaining these unification efforts, so we look forward to your continued support!

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