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by Andre Robinson
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XFL Football Scores
Saturday February 8th
DC 31 SEA 19
HOU 37 LA17
Sunday February 9th
NY 23 TB 3
STL 15 DAL 9
Now doesn’t it feel good to have football in mid February? There were a lot of naysayers were very skeptical of the XFL League. A league that is now on its second leg as a football league. The first go-round was very unsuccessful similar to the AAF league that recently imploded due to finances. Vince McMahon, who is CEO of the world-renowned WWE has put together a seemingly better product this go around then the first. Many people have been delighted by the many changes we were able to witness during the Kickoff weekend to the XFL Season. The kickoff rules are totally different and very exciting for the most part. The rules also protect with player safety which is very important. There are no extra points. Teams after a touchdown have the choice of going for a one point, two point or 5 point conversion from the two, five or ten yard line adding more excitement to game play. From my observation of Week 1, this league has the potential to last for a very long time if it sticks to its principles. I mean they have an official on the field just to spot the football. Plays that need further review are looked at upstairs in the booth in which you get to hear the conversation between the booth reviewer and the officials on the field giving you clarity on each review. In talking with many people who watched the games this weekend, overall they were pleased with the product. Hopefully the XFL will be around for a long of period of time.
Making History with Aja Smith
The WWE this week has been making history in more ways than one. Aja Smith was signed by the WWE this week making her the first African-American full-time referee in the history of the WWE. She will be refereeing matches on one of the hottest WWE brands in NXT. Aja Smith who went by the name of Aja Perera, has competed all over the US, Japan and Mexico. Aja Smith has held tag team championships along with the SHINE Nova championship during her wrestling journey. As a huge fan of NXT, I will definitely be watching NXT even more in support of Aja Smith, the 1st African American referee in WWE.  Congratulations, the wrestling world can’t wait to see you on Wednesday nights.
Buffalo Sabres News
This season is starting to look real similar to last season’s performance where the Sabres got off to a hot start but turned into a dumpster fire afterwards. The Buffalo Sabres lost another game on Sunday to the Anaheim Ducks 3-2 in which the offense just hasn’t been able to produce. Home tickets have went down to as low as $6. And frustrated fans were holding protest in front of KeyBank Center on Sunday asking Where’s Terry? Currently the Buffalo Sabres record is 24-24-8 for a whooping total of 56 points so far this season. The Buffalo Sabres front office needs to address this situation and fast.
Buffalo Bills News
There has been a lot of conversation in the offseason about what the Buffalo Bills should do. First and foremost, allot of analysts are wondering should the Buffalo Bills find a new right tackle even though Cody Ford wasn’t too bad last season. A lot of bills fans are also wondering if they will acquire Amari Cooper or Todd Gurley in the off-season. Another big concern is what will the Buffalo Bills do with the first round draft pick? I’ll propose that the Buffalo Bills should go get a big body wide receiver in the first round if they do not acquire one through free agency. The bills also could use a number 2 corner to compliment Tre White who arguably should have been defensive player of the year as he did not allow any receivers to score a touchdown against him. The Buffalo Bills could also be looking to acquire pass-rush if they do not re-sign Jordan Phillips and with Lorenzo Alexander retiring the Bill’s will definitely need to fill those gaps in the defense that was number 3 overall last season.

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