I Am Black History

Watch for the next Black History CommUniversity Campus event! 

Last Friday  the Black History CommUniversity Campus wrapped up its first community learning event with a Black  History celebration, exhibit and crowing ceremony. Each young “King” and “Queen” received a certificate and a crown. Marcus Brown President of Juneteenth and Pastor Blue, head of the local NAACP did the honors which took place at the Buffalo Urban League CRUCIAL Center.

Hats off to the organizers and sponsors for this amazing week-long cultural experience.  Pictured on the this week’s cover (and at the top of this page)   is Wisdom Osbone Harris, age 7 and his brother Wealth Harris Epps  sons of Fragrance Harris Stanfield.  

pictured at the top are two Kings Wisdom and Wealth who participated in the Black History Month CommUniversity  among many young Kings and Queens for this first community learning event with a Black History celebration, exhibit and crowing ceremony. Each young “King” and “Queen”
received a certificate and a crown.

In the group shot  above, students’ perform    “Lift Every Voice & Sing” at the Apollo Media Center, which they  worked on daily with Sister Fragrance. She explains: “ They learned the meaning of the lyrics. The goal was that the children would have a better understanding of how songs were cries for help and consolation for hope unrealized and that music is not just about our own personal trials and triumphs, but those that will speak for our people for generations to come!

Bro. Ron Draffin expressed the experience in a poem:

Black history is world history

Was the week of education 

Out of Afrika came all humanity 

Logic, even to a child’s imagination

They tested and they tried

As children are known to do

But in the end they leaned in

Eager to learn the truth

From Hatshepsut to Mansa Musa

A rich history before enslavement

How King Shaka and Queen Nzingha 

Fought European advancement

Queen of Sheba and King Taharqa both famously in the Bible

Opened minds these mouths of babes 

They claimed their royal title

Their potential endless and bright as the brightest star

They know how amazing they will become

And were crowned the future Kings and Queens they are

*this is a follow up post from our previous issue describing the event . we hope to keep you informed of more forthcoming events like this for the youth in our City of Buffalo .