Drea D’Nur Album Release Concert Feb 7 at Shea’s 710 Theatre

Every Drea D’Nur concert is unique in itself, whether intimate boutique style home shows, or the hollowed out belly of the Silos, to large concert halls, each show is a special moment, one-time only experience. Drea, Local Music Artist of the Year, will present an album release concert Friday, February 7th at Shea’s 710 Theatre beginning at 7 pm. This one-night only experience will feature live musical numbers from the CD and a premiere musical collaboration with legendary bassist Curtis Lundy and rising star trumpeter Giveton Gelin and more. Tickets start at $30 and can be purchased at sheas.org, 1-800-745-3000 or at the Shea’s Buffalo Theatre Box Office at 650 Main Street. “It’s about raising the vibrations and lifting our spirits. It’s  going to be an amazing show,” promises Drea.

Drea D’Nur was 11 years old when she wrote her very first  song.

She recalls that it was about riding through the storm. Even at that young age she recognized music as a healing agent.  At the age of 14 she started playing piano without ever having taken a lesson.

 Drea has been playing ever since.

As the story goes, her pastor’s wife  told her that she had been given a divine message from God, and  told Drea  she would be blessed with the gift of playing music.

“She sat me down at the piano and she started to sing and told me to play. And I just played.”

She’s been playing and performing and creating ever since.

She played regularly for the church and the choir as well as sang. She even recorded on a gospel CD.

Her first vocal experience outside   church was at the former Le Metro Lounge on the corner of Elmwood and West Utica.

-Meet Drea D’Nur-

Fast forward to 2020. Drea D’Nur is known for her ability to captivate an audience through her music. She is     a myriad of many things- Mother, Healer, Community Organizer,      

Vocalist, Pianist, Composer, Filmmaker, and Mentor.  

Drea d’Nur has been making an impact as an independent artist for over a decade. Prior to her Germany recorded debut Day of D’Nur (2013), she had collaborated with industry producer and performed on a major network. She’s worked with Grammy winning producer and writer, Greg Curtis, who wrote and produced Love and I Remember for Keyshia Cole. She also did a special Marvin Gaye cover on ABC World News Now which was nationally aired in America. Okayplayer.com debuted 2 of her original music videos. Cry For Change is an ode to those killed due to senseless violence, and Break Me Down  is a passionate portrayal of the spirit of resilience of oppressed people highlighted with dance. 

Drea d’Nur’s work has reached national and international acclaim with localized work to highlight the rich history of Black music and art in Buffalo. This 2017 Spark Awards Artist of the Year has performed overseas, released two independent music projects, produced two short films about Nina Simone, directed a music video, produced two stage productions, and has album credits on the Gorillaz album, HUMANZ.

Her sold-out, Spark Awards-winning series of tribute shows to Nina Simone: Spirit of Nina and Dear Nina, respectively, deservedly earned her the 2019 Buffalo Spree award for Best Local Music Act. 

D’Nur stays balanced with hands-on community activism. She is a founding member of Panthfrica, Artists Transforming Communities and fights to end human trafficking as a member of Mona’s House, Buffalo’s First Restoration Home just for trafficking victims . She recently toured  DEAR NINA, a Sonic Love Letter To Nina Simone featuring herself and a strings ensemble.  Drea is also developing the Healing Songs In Beautiful Spaces Initiative in a unique series of healing sessions that she curates. 

She somehow manages all of this while raising five beautiful and gifted children!