Black Culture Reigns Supreme at NBA ALL Star Weekend!

by George Radney

If you watched any of the festivities during NBA All Star weekend in Chicago you might have noticed how NBA players have the most authority in how they are presented through the media.  

 NBA all-star weekend had almost triple the Black media outlets allowed to cover the events.  We saw a tribute to Kobe Bryant featuring magic Johnson, Jennifer Hudson, and Common followed by a game featuring one team wearing number 24 while other squad wore number 2 in Honoring the late Kobe Bryant and his daughter respectively, who both along with seven others lost their lives in a tragic helicopter crash. Chance the rapper performed at halftime along with DJ Khaled (He seems to be everywhere, after seeing him all over South Beach less than two weeks ago) and a real horn section on another tribute to Kobe Bryant.  Did you happen to see commercials associated with All Star game having  Black actors in prominent leading roles? 

 The slam dunk had its own controversy.  Everyone could see (including Ray Charles) that Aaron Gordon should have been the winner of the contest. The rookie game saw  Zion Williamson playing and breaking the rim after one of his dunks along with former President of the United States Barack Obama visiting with NBA rookie players at their practice in Chicago. Mr. Obama was even more impressed by knowing Zion Williamson stats and gave  the young man some encouragement for his life and career. The fashion styles and glamour was all Black Culture throughout the entire weekend.  

The biggest move by the NBA was to award money to Black organizations in the  Windy City. The Black Scholars Inc. was award 400,000 from Team LeBron winning the game and Team Gianni’s donated 100,000 to their charity which both are helping Black children. The Black Scholars Inc. is very similar to Urban League of Rochester Black Scholar Program. The NFL, which is predominantly Black football players, should take a page out of NBA’s All Star weekend by incorporating some Black culture into their Pro Bowl weekend. The NFL players should make sure to donate money to our children’s programs. 

 It’s not a bad thing to have rappers participating in a Pro Bowl or even Super Bowl. I don’t know about you but having Carrie Underwood open up Sunday night’s  football has gone on for way too long.  She’s very talented and I like her as a performer but it’s time to put country music on the sidelines for at least one of its primetime games. How about taking Hank Williams off of the opening of Monday Night football games for good especially since he’s the guy who spoke very ignorantly about former President Barack Obama. 

Let’s hear it for  NBA players for bringing  Black Culture, pride, and money back into our communities! Their conscious level is rising .  

Bills & Football Reporter/ and Sports Columnist George Radney

LeBron James is  leading the way with a school that will award all the students in  its first graduating High School class full scholarships to Kent State. Thank you so much for LeBron!   This is proof  that  the best is yet to come from our Pro athletes to whom so much is given and now so much is expected in return!