Weekend of Action Including Women’s March January 19

We are excited to join in solidarity for a Weekend of Action on January 17-20, 2020! It is both the Women’s March weekend and of course the remembrance weekend of our beloved Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Both are in the Spirit that works to #UnitetheStruggles, that is the essence of Truth and Love, Justice and Solidarity, Courage and Peace. 

This year’s WNY Women’s March will be Sunday, January 19, 1:30-3p.m. in Niagara Square. The Women’s March started in 2017 as women rose up in solidarity, unity, and anger after the election of 2020, immediately after the inauguration. 

WNY’s  Women’s March has had record-breaking crowds each year: first approaching 4K, then 5K, then ~500 people out in 65mph, gale-force winds (and that in March after being postponed from a blizzard). The wonderful marches in DC and elsewhere usually take place on the Saturday. We in Buffalo choose Sunday so that people are able to go to DC, Seneca Falls, or NYC, as well and still attend in Buffalo. 

Our mission statement in WNY, established through consensus by women community leaders, is: The Women’s March of Buffalo/WNY, opposed to all forms of oppression, seeks to increase equity and equality for women and all oppressed people by ensuring structural and systemic changes in our local government, local businesses and organizations, and within society at large in order to guarantee a woman’s right to health, safety, and freedom from violence. We seek this regardless of racial, economic, or citizenship status; and value the dignity and humanity of women of color, women with disabilities, and lgbt/queer and gender non-conforming people, and everyone’s equal place in the movement and in society.

Our cosponsors, currently numbering ~70, include Daughters of Creative Sound, Open Buffalo, Stop The Violence Coalition, Ujima Co., Inc., We Are Women Warriors, and many more.

Please see wnypeace.org for more info. 

It’ll be a weekend of action, with some going to the Women’s March in DC on Saturday JAN. 18. We’ll also have a sign-making gathering on Saturday, 3:30-5:30pm, at the WNY Peace Center, NRC Bldg, 1272 Delaware Ave. entrance & parking round back behind building). The film the Doctrine of Discovery, about how the Papal Bull(s) resulted in colonization and attempted genocide of Indigenous Peoples, will be shown at that time. All are welcome! 

The weekend includes celebrations of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, including the MLK Park Head rededication at 2p.m. on Saturday starting in Cavalry Church, and of course the wonderful MLK Celebration at Kleinhans, 6pm on Sunday! You’ll have time to go home after the march, and go back out for the evening’s gathering.