Unequal Placement of Camera System for School Zone Speeders?

by Betty Jean Grant

The City of Buffalo has announced that it  will activate a new camera system to nab school-zone speeders.  Effective   January 6, motorists going more than 10 miles above the 15-mile school zone limit, will be issued a $50 ticket! 

Cameras may be posted on utility poles, school or other buildings or a police officer can issue a ticket. So, if you are driving between 15-25 miles per hour, you will not be charged. But any speed above 25 mph, you will be charged. 

Mayor Byron Brown stated that there will be a grace period between Jan. 6 and Feb 6 where those speeders ticketed will be given a warning instead of having to pay. 

The city of Rochester had similar cameras installed but took them down because they were not cost effective. 

The schools where the 14 cameras are installed include: Stanley Makowski School (2 cameras) 1087 & 1132 Jefferson Ave;  Canisius High School (2 cameras) 1177 & 1236 Delaware Ave.;  Westminister Community Charter School (2 cameras) 3125 &3130 Bailey Ave. ;  Olmsted #156 School (2 cameras) 295 &302 Suffolk Ave. ; D’Youville-Porter School, 267 Porter Ave. ;  McKinley High School, 1463 Elmwood Ave. ;  West Hertel Academy, 311 Military Rd. ;  Grabiarz School, 522 Military Rd.;  School 61, 694 Kensington Ave.;  Hutchinson Technical High School, 255 Elmwood Ave. 

These are the locations where the 14 cameras were installed. I guess drivers don’t speed past schools in South  Buffalo or other parts of the city!  The majority of the speed camera locations are on the east side. 

 I hope this is not a newer and different version of the infamous “checkpoints” that targeted people of lesser means and in certain neighborhoods. 

Contributing Writer Betty Jean Grant

  I believe that no one should speed past a school bus, but both the law and the penalty should apply equally to all schools and all violators, not just those in certain parts of the city!