Re-dedication of the Bust in MLK Park and Permanent Exhibit

By Clifford Bell

As we  approach the 91st birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as  African Americans we have much to reflect on; from slavery, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement to the presidency of this great nation. 

 In Buffalo, we commemorate Dr. King with a park named after him and an artistic bust that reflects his fight for equality for the Black Man. The Bust has stood for 35 years and a number of community groups believe,  to commemorate Dr. King’s legacy, it is time to re-dedicate it.

 The re-dedication program will take place at the Calvary Baptist Church, 1184 Genesee  at 2 p.m. on Saturday,  January 18.  It will feature musical selections from, The Buffalo School of Performing Arts, The Colored Musicians Club and Soloist Sirgorney Cook. The program will also feature speakers who were present and intimately involved with the Monument project 35 years ago as well as video presentations from Dr. King himself.

 In addition, the grand opening of the “Making of A Monument” exhibit will take place following the rededication service  at the shelter house in MLK Jr. Park behind the monument site.

 There has been some confusion surrounding the monument and to answer the questions and correct the record, the Buffalo African American Museum (BAAM) Committee has collated an exhibit that lays out “The Making of a Monument.”After the program, there will be a processional to the Monument site and a Grand Opening of the permanent exhibit in the shelter house near the Bust. The exhibit permanently answers the question of who built the monument and why it answers the question of why the Bust doesn’t look exactly like Dr. King and most importantly what it stands for.   

 Join BAAM and many city dignitaries who have already responded on January 18 at  2 p.m. and learn the truth! 

(Mr.  Bell is chairman of BAAM – the Buffalo African American Museum Committee. For more information he may be contacted at 716-884-4333)