Natural Ways to Fight the Flu This Season

 The flu virus is making its rounds and catching a lot of us off guard this season. 

There are many alternatives to help rid your body of the virus. Here’s a list of some preventative and /or remedies to stop the flu in its track and soothe symptoms so you can get better and keep from getting sick. 

  •Keep indoor space ventilated, crack a window. It’s proven flu is not only caught by sneezing or coughing studies show it can also be spread by breathing.

  •At bedtime humidify the air to help loosen congestion and soothe the sore throat and nose.

  •If you can hold off on cough suppressants and decongestants it will allow the body to naturally heal while clearing the airways of germ ridden mucus. 

  •Gargle with salt to treat scratchy throat and also use lozenges like slippery elm lozenges to sooth the throat.

  •Get plenty of rest. Fatigue plays a big role in keeping the flu /cold virus hanging around and rest helps the body fight infection. 

  •Stay hydrated and replace lost electrolytes. Drink plenty of clean water to flush the body along with beverages like unsweetened coconut water, ginger water and tea’s  including Nettle tea, to boost your immune system . Nettle is filled with vitamins and minerals to help fight and prevent the flu. 

  •Eat plenty of fruits veggies and nutrient dense foods including homemade soups.

  •Add the power of oregano and eucalyptus oil for breathing, sore throats and to also help fight bacteria in your throat. Also use Zinc that should be used for optimal immune cell function.

  •Include powerful herbs like Echinacea that stimulates the immune system and resistance against the virus, elderberry that helps dry mucus in lungs and goldenseal that acts as antiseptic, reduces inflammation and heals mucus membrane of respiratory tract.  

  •Try making anti-viral remedy tea of ginger, lemon, garlic, and honey. Also use Peppermint tea to decreases chills and increase preparation that will help bring fever down.

  •Don’t fight the fever. It’s the body’s way of fighting the virus and part of getting through the flu faster.