The Garveyite Perspective

Last weekend’s “Road to Redemption” weekend was a success for our local UNIA-ACL. On a literal road to redemption, delegates from Buffalo traveled to Toronto and Rochester, creating two new chapters of this grand association! Division President Lion Blyden, Lady President Sophia Blyden and UAL Sgt. Jhaka Costner welcomed many new members as citizens of our PanAfrican Nation.

A special thank you to Ujima House, Sis Terry Chaka and The Baobab

Rochester 1st UNIA ACL Garveyite Meeting

Cultural Center in Rochester  for being gracious hosts and a part of these historical meetings.

Always operating in the tradition of emulating and honoring our great ancestors, Division #433 takes its cues from the historical Buffalo Division #79. In 1921, news reports show that President A.L. Lewis, John Terry and R.F.T. Willis “had the honor of organizing a branch of the great movement in Niagara Falls.” Later that year they would go on to organize  chapters in Rochester, Lackawanna, Tonawanda, Lancaster and Erie, Pennsylvania.

The time has come, when it is no longer possible to ignore the need for unity among our people.

The time has come for us to get excited about our people’s future!  Throughout the years we have heard the complaints about what is happening, the time has come for us to recognize the solution.

The time has come for us to govern ourselves like “other men have done, other races have done, other nations have done!” Here we are at 99 Years and counting of our nation, on a road to redemption for our people.

Up You Mighty Race, Accomplish What You Will!