Rochester Gets Racist “Anti-Annoyance” Bill Signed into Law

pictured: Rev. Stewart blasts racist “anti-annoyance” bill recently signed into law.

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo  signed the controversial   “anti-annoyance” bill into law hours after protesters took to the streets recently  in opposition to the measure.  The bill defines harassment broadly — including everything from annoying a first responder, to assaulting one. Punishments include jail time and/or an up to $5,000 fine. The United Christian Leadership Ministry and Community Justice Advocates held a press conference  prior to the signing to speak out against   Legislature’s bill.   This is a ridiculous and reprehensible piece of legislation,” said United Christian president Rev. Lewis Stewart. “If signed into law, it will be a step backwards,” Rev. Stewart said.

Rochester City Council Vice President Willie Lightfoot said the legislation “has racist overtones, is inequitable, and shows poor leadership.” He said that City Council was drafting a letter in opposition. City spokesperson Justin Roj said Mayor Lovely Warren opposed the bill.