Ravens Put Beat Down on Bills Offense 24-17

Ravens Put Beat Down on Bills Offense 24 — 17  

The Bills had bright sunshine greet them at New ERA stadium last Sunday and you could feel the anticipation of a big game  – fans and both teams were ready for it!  But  Bills QB Josh Allen  started out playing  like the Josh Allen from earlier in the season –   missing wide open receivers and putting no touch on passes.  

The  Ravens went in  with a power football attack and the Bills took a beating but, but they were  still standing strong with key stops on third down. At one point   Allen came  back down to earth still with a very erratic play and turnovers. The Bills defense continued to play well with a “bend and not break”  type of system.   Allen was 1 of 7 for 10 yards passing in the first  quarter –   horrible numbers for any quarterback. 

You must also keep in mind the Bills drafted Allen at number 7 overall and traded up to get him along with trading away valuable offensive linemen. If the Bills would have stayed at number 22 in the draft they could have picked Lamar Jackson and not trade away any players and could have kept all 10 of our draft picks.  

On Sunday Jackson came out with a touchdown pass of 62 yards to start the second half. Bills tight end Dawson Knox should be benched for his dropped passes. He leads the NFL for tight ends with dropped passes. They should start Tommy Sweeney and not play him for rest of season.  Dawson Knox should be playing in XFL after the NFL season. He can’t catch the ball with a man on him

The Bills offense just can’t seem to  not  against good teams and Josh Allen having only 89 passing yards after 3 quarters was embarrassing.

The  Bills must find a way to score more than 17 points a game on average.  They still have not beaten a team with a winning record or a true playoff contender. They will get the chance over the next two weeks against the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. 

Bills running back Devin Singletary had 89 yards on 17 carries and not running the ball more was a big mistake. The  Bills coaching decisions finally caught up with them by not playing receiver Duke Williams and running back TJ Yeldon. They obviously need a third running back and TJ has excellent hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield. Bills wide receiver Robert Foster continues to give them nothing at all and Duke Williams should have been in the lineup weeks ago. The Bills could have used Duke   against the Ravens for his physical style of play especially in the red zone. These are two offensive weapons not being used and could help a very erratic Josh Allen.

Bills tight end position is a complete disaster and Tyler Kroft making 9 million dollars fits our culture but  he can’t play on the football field. Tyler must be a neighbor of Beane and McDermott, because he did nothing for the Bengals, so why did we expect him to produce for Bills?Dawson Knox and Lee “I like holding” Smith should   not return the next season.  I would only invite Tommy Sweeney back to training camp and draft a good pass catching tight end in the draft. Irv Smith, Jr. was available and they chose Cody Ford instead. Cody Ford is showing you he is a guard and not a tackle. The Bills have him playing out of position and it was costly against Ravens due to the many blitz packages and rush schemes used by them. 

Bills defensive tackle Corey Liuget (who has quickly become one of Bills best defensive tackles) said, “We played best control type defense by watching the film and our gap containment was sound today and Ravens ran many screens on us; let’s go ball for next week and get ready for Pittsburgh. You must prepare like it’s a regular game for our young guys, everybody must play their 1/11 role.”This means you must handle your assignment and not worry about your team mate’s responsibilities. 

The Bills will be on National TV on Sunday night playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. I see Bills the scoring their usual 17 points while Steelers will score 24. Steelers 24 -17 win due to Josh Allen not being able to complete passes over 20 yards down field.

I recommend the Bills drafting another QB to compete against Allen next year. Allen has no touch on his passes and should be challenged because the Bills can’t win against the best teams in NFL with him. 

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