LOCS, TWISTS, DREDS: Be Happy, Nappy and Care Free!

by Althea

Hair To Go Natural Salon was the first dedicated natural hair salon in Buffalo.  When we  started Hair To Go Natural we were pretty much the only salon servicing locs.   Now locs are everywhere. For some they are a form of self-expression, to others it’s a question of identity.

Winter is here and it is a good time to start your locs.  A lot of people don’t like the start of locs but I say this is a great time to get them started.  Hats, scarves and do-rags will take you through the ugly phase of the locs and by spring you will be on your way.  

 I have been starting, twisting, coloring, trimming and extending locs for 30 plus years when it was rare to see anyone with them,  (Bob Marley) now they are everywhere.  

Methods used to create locs depends on your hair texture.  Locs can be obtained by letting your hair form on it’s own.  Back combing, sponging, interlocing and two strand twisting  is some of the techniques used to create locs.

We at Hair To Go maintain, detox, color, twist, style,  repair and re-install locs that were  cut and re-attached.  

Locs are a form of freedom and   gives a royal/regal look to any attire.  Locs also make  a fashion statement and you can express your individuality.  Locs are low maintenance. Cleaning your scalp is a must and for mature locs detoxing removes them of the build-up.  You won’t have too many bad hair days!  Some of us have negative feelings about locs based on their need to have straight/permed hair.  Remember to keep silk or satin scarves/do-rags to sleep or shower in to keep the lint out and also to stop the cotton sheets from robbing them of their oil which can also lead to breakage. 

Be happy nappy and care free, embrace the natural! Check us out on

Althea is owner and operator of Hair To Go Natural Buffalo’s First Natural Hair Salon Since 1996

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