Three Reasons You Don’t Need a Multivitamin

by Kathleen Richardson /  The Nutritional Truth Teller 

“Nature is so smart, it put the medicine in the food”

Nearly half of all Americans take a supplement or vitamin daily. Either a doctor recommends a multivitamin, or an individual believes that taking a multivitamin is a simple and easy way to lead a healthier lifestyle. Do you really need a multivitamin? Unless you are very young, very old, very sick, have a very limited diet, and have a clinical deficiency, you do not need a multivitamin. In this article I will discuss 3 reasons you don’t need a daily multivitamin. 

1.It’s a Money Grab

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an independent panel of individuals in disease prevention and evidence- based medicine has analyzed studies that include data for nearly 450,000 people. It found no clear evidence that multivitamins prevented cancer or heart disease, helped people live longer, or made them healthier in any way. Yet, by the year 2024, the vitamin and supplement industry is estimated to be worth $300 billion. If vitamins and supplements aren’t helping people live longer or preventing cancer or heart disease, what exactly are we spending billions on?

2.The Science of Nutrition is Flawed

Western modern medicine operates under a paradigm called reductionism. From a nutritional standpoint, reductionism looks at food as specific vitamins, minerals, nutrients, grams of sugar, fat, protein and our all- time favorite, calories. The thought is that food can be broken down into individual components. Then we focus on one component to increase health and wellbeing. This thinking is flawed. T. Colin Campbell does an excellent job explaining the fault of reductionism in his book “Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition”. He explains, “the proportion of a nutrient that is digested, absorbed, and provided to various tissues and the cells in those tissues is mostly dependent on the body’s need for that nutrient at that moment in time…it also means reductionist supplementation with large doses of discrete nutrients does not guarantee the utilization of those nutrients”. In other words, just because you consume a multivitamin with 100mg of Vitamin C, doesn’t mean your body will absorb 100mg of Vitamin C. It all depends on what your body needs at the moment. 

3.Nature is Smarter than Man

We’ve placed our greatest asset; our health and wellbeing in the hands of a system that has no clue what it’s doing when it comes to preventing and maintaining health. We have ignored the inherent and timeless wisdom of nature and our bodies. Mother Earth has provided everything we need to be healthy, happy and whole. The wholesome foods that come from the earth have every vitamin, mineral, and nutrient we will ever need. These foods interact within our bodies in an almost miraculous way to determine what and how much we need. T. Colin Campbell explains, “The body reigns supreme in choosing which nutrients it uses and which it discards unmetabolized”.  There is nothing made by man in a laboratory or production facility that will ever compare to what comes from Nature. 

A whole- foods, plant-based diet is all that we need. Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, herbs, and roots. Rethink your decision on taking a daily multivitamin. Remember, “Nature is so smart, it put the medicine in the food”.

Kathleen, “The Nutritional Truth Teller” is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist,

Kathleen Richardson The Nutritional Truth Teller

Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator and Certified Yin Yoga Instructor. She is the owner of Melanin Rich Wellness Inc., whose mission is to optimize the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the Black community through African Holistic Health. She carries with her the ancestral knowledge and wisdom of the medicine men, women, healers and warriors she lovingly calls her ancestors. For more information, email