The UNIA-ACL Buffalo Division #433 proposes naming of Genesee Street “Marcus Garvey Way.”

Hon. Marcus Garvey, President General of the UNIA-ACL had a massive following here in Buffalo, NY.  Members of historical Buffalo Division #79 had up to 1,000 members,   which left a mark on Buffalo’s Black History. Credit unions, business and food co-ops, clinics, doctors, Black Cross Nurses, educators and ministers were  all a part of the legacy of Hon. Marcus Garvey. Ninety-nine years later, we are attempting to organize a long overdue tribute to one of our most honorable ancestors!

We are hoping to unite Black Buffalo around one thing. Many groups in Buffalo use the colors and Image of the President General, but are not truly unified under his flag or message. We hope this will be a galvanizing point for our people in this city.

The proposed area is to be between Moselle and Fillmore, and is a main part of the Juneteenth Parade route. UNIA-ACL Division #433 held activities along that route like community clean-ups, Black Cross Water Station and a joint action with other community organizers to line the street with the flag of our Nation. 

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