Rally Brings Attention to The Crisis Situation in Iraq:

Hundreds Killed Thousands Injured in Recent                           Anti-government Protests

pictured: People Rally at Niagara Square last Sunday. Challenger Photos

Last Sunday afternoon, local Iraqi families  held a vigil at Niagara Square to support  families in Iraq. According to organizers of the event, more Than 275   Iraqis have been Killed and thousands injured in Anti-Government protests there since October 1st 2019. Organizers are hoping Sunday’s rally will help to bring  attention to the dire situation in their homeland, and said they are calling on the US government to “help our children.” Those who gathered  downtown last weekend said they  cannot sit idely by,   enjoying the comforts in America while their families ae suffering in Iraq. A spokesperson Sunday said that Iraq basically “got rid of one dictatorship” and traded it for another and called the current government’s leadership  very corrupt. “We have a very rich country….Iraq is full of oil..and our kids are eating out of garbage,” he said citing poor education,   hospitals  and lack of basic services . “This is not what you would expect 16 years since the ‘war in Iraq…” 

The protesters in Iraq are rallying against what they see as the government’s rampant corruption and its failure to provide basic services and create jobs – despite the country’s oil wealth. They  are calling for the end of a political system which has existed since the US-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003 – a system which, they argue, has failed them.  They are also strongly rejecting and speaking out about  the powerful foreign influence of Iran.