Retired educator and columnist Eva Doyle’s latest billboard project combines Black History with an anti-violence message.  She has been creating Eye On History Billboards for five years.   The  newest billboard is located on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Broadway. The second Billboard with the same images is located at 147 Niagara Street also on Jefferson and Genesee Street. “My goal in doing these billboards is to remind our community that this violence we see – the shooting, killings, stabbing are an insult to the memory of our ancestors who worked so hard for our progress in their own unique ways. As a grandmother and now great-grandmother I wanted to do my part to say that this ongoing violence is totally unacceptable.  I feel very strongly about changing the images that we see and to leave positive messages for people to consider.” On the lower right hand corner of all her billboards there is the Sankofa symbol reminding us of remembering our history, to go back and fetch our history, culture, and traditions and to learn the lessons of the past. Thank you Sister  Eva!