Central Park 5’s Dr. Yusef Salaam to Headline White Privilege Symposium

pictured above is Dr. Yusef Saalam who will lead the White Privilege Symposium in Rochester NY Nov 15th and 16th 

The Privilege Institute, sponsor of the annual White Privilege Conference, is pleased to announce the White Privilege Symposium: Tools for Creating a Just Future for All. This landmark symposium will be held   Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16 and hosted by  East High School, 1801 E. Main St. Rochester.  Dr. Yusef Salaam of the Central Park 5  will headline the event.

The White Privilege Conference  is the premiere national equity conference, focusing on issues of systemic inequity, oppression, and injustice. For almost 20 years, WPC has offered participants a challenging, empowering, and educational experience around the country. The  workshops, keynote speakers and institutes continue to inform and engage participants, as well as to provide practical tools, tips and strategies for combating systemic inequities. 

The White Privilege Symposium: Tools for Creating a Just Future for All in Rochester seeks to bring this robust national model of engagement and action to Western New York while we simultaneously celebrate the work and talents of our local community. 

 Approximately 400 people from numerous sectors; are expected to attend, including high school and college students, K-12 and higher education faculty, grassroots activists, social workers, nonprofit, for-profit and government employees, members of the spiritual/faith community, among many others. A high level of diversity among the participants is part of what makes the Conference and Symposium  so unique and such an inspiring area for change. 

For more information about the Privilege Institute, visit www.theprivilegeinstitute.com