Bills Update: Bills OFFENSIVE Offense Lose to Browns 19 – 16

by George Radney

The Bills QB got off to a bad start with poor ball placement on a wide open John Brown on the fourth down. Josh Allen just can’t seem to place the ball in a position our receivers can catch and run. It’s always behind them forcing a stop and making a play on the ball. 

The Bills defense stopped the  Browns at the  goal line on 7 consecutive plays.  The Browns Head Coach, Freddie Kitchens, helped out with some very poor play calling in the red zone. The Bills defense came to play and   kept their team in the game.  But Bills QB Josh Allen continues to show his low football IQ by not recognizing opportunities to pick up three yards. Instead he goes for the home run ball by overthrowing everyone deep down field. Josh  had only 102 yards passing in the  first half. 

The Bills offense was horrible with poor execution and can you believe Josh Allen was selected at number 7 overall in the last season draft? It’s getting very hard to watch the  Buffalo Bills offensive unit. 

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield seemed to only make good throws to right side of the field. Mayfield appeared to have trouble throwing to his left and must correct it in order for him to be successful in the NFL. Josh Allen looked confused all day long and even more confused and perplexed in the visitors’ locker room after the game.  Allen had no touch on his passes and missed a wide open John Brown on two deep passes that would have put Bills ahead for good. The sad part is that both passes were Uncatchable! He’s too inconsistent of a QB to ever be successful in the NFL. Josh Allen’s football IQ is almost at zero (currently at 5%) and he has no feel for the game. You look at a short QB named Kyler Murray and he has accomplished more in nine games than Josh Allen in two years! 

How about Lamar Jackson with a perfect QB rating in a game against Cincinnati Bengals who was selected at number 32, last pick of first round.  It’s quite obvious that  the Pegulas’ do not want a young talented Black quarterback to lead their franchise. They would rather go the route of finding an inaccurate White boy to play QB for them. 

The   Bills went way out of their way to find Josh Allen,  a QB that never excelled in college and really is playing the same way he played in college now! He’s just not good or average – a total bust at the NFL level. He was put into a bad position because he does not have the skill set to play in this league especially on a mental level. Josh does not have a feel for the game and can’t recognize situations  for  example, like on third and three give yourself a run pass option but never throw the ball 40 yards down the field to nobody.  He continues to do that on a regular basis along with fumbling the football. Josh Allen is a complete disaster. It’s getting to the point Bills offense is unwatchable. 

I can now see why Bills don’t show other NFL games in the Press box lounge due to the fact some of the sports writers just might wander over there to see some real offensive oriented football being played and executed.  The Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll should be fired immediately because he is  as lost as a ball in high weeds. The Bills offense is almost unwatchable and only averages between 14 to 17 points per game which is crazy in a pass happy high scoring league.  

 I have said it before and I repeat – Bills General Manager Brandon Beane and Head Coach Sean McDermott do not know how to build a football team and it’s showing clearly on how imbalanced this year’s team is with a Super Bowl type defense and a below average offense. The  Bills will now have a very difficult time of making the playoffs in 2019 due to the many errors of   Beane and  McDermott. The schedule continues to get difficult with a trip to South Beach to play the hot Miami Dolphins. Miami is the team that exposed Bills defense by running football at Ed Oliver and Star Lotulelei. It’s a must win for the Bills I see them not squishing the fish but winning a nail biter 20 – 17. Follow me on Twitter: @georgeradman, @georgeradney FB & IG, Pro Talk, & Pro Talk Plus, Buffalo & Rochester, NY Cable access check your local listings