“Athletic Greats” Annual Event in it’s 20th Year!

On Wednesday November 27 at 8 p.m. Buffalo’s “Athletic Greats” will come together for  its 20th anniversary, thanks to the diligence and dedication of Richard “The Lionhearted” Clark.

The annual event  was traditionally hosted by  Clark’s friend  Zeneith “Coach Lonnie” Jackson at his popular  club, The Humboldt Inn for 16 years until he made his transition. 

This year the  Thanksgiving Eve  gathering will take place at the 416 Club

Fred and Tammy Young Proprietors of Club 416 in Buffalo NY

located at 416  William Street near Jefferson, hosted by owners Fred and Tammy Young.

In past years one of the highlights has been the tribute to those “greats” who have made their transition; tremendous athletes like Zellie Dow, Fred Foster and Al Brown.

“A lot  of the guys have gone on but the Athletic Greats gathering continues to bring everybody together,” said Richard.

The public is invited to attend this years event in the relaxed welcoming atmosphere of the 416 club. There will be music, food and fun at this very informal affair. Participants look forward to another year of laughter, “tall tales” of days gone by, and renewing old friendships.

-The “Greats” –

The Following is a partial list of the “Athletic Greats” – many of them local  legends –  who graced Buffalo’s basketball courts, football fields, track fields, tennis courts, pools and baseball fields over the years include: Brad “Boxhead” Thurman, Ronnie “Chung” Stokes,” Freddie “Oil Can” Gordon, McCarthy “Mac” Gibson, Kevin “Babyface” Clark, Orv and Wilber Cott, Art “The Motivator” Serotte, Ricky “Sprint” McCarley, Hank “Track and Field” Sevillian, Bernard “High Jumpin” Chaney, Charles “English Channel” Chapman, Russeau “The Dolphin” Taylor, Jerry “Slamdunk” Rowe, Carl “Blue” Mitchell, Lamar “Buster” Keaton, Morris “Mo” Brown, Willie “Hutch” Jones, Willie “The Politician” Morris, Michael “The Creator” Norwood, Harry “Mr. Spiritual” Ward, Michael “God’s Gift” Chapman, Herchel “Lord’s Blessing” Chapman, Joe “Long Distance” Hicks, Jim Horne, David “NFL” White, St. Clair “Spiritual Love” Fabor, “Road Dog” Jacobs, Kenny “The Mac Man” Maclin, Joel “Boo” Alexander, James “J Bop” Jacobs, Daniel “Dan A Gress” Adams, Herbert “Mr. Competent” Bellamy, Albert “Kootie Boy” Blanks, Lloyd “The Lover” Lightfoot, Durie “Papa D” Burns, George “Bob Hope” Holt, Gene “The Machine” Roberson, Anthony “Mongoose” Masiello, Cecil and Beanie Brown, Harold “Bad News” Barnes, Levi, “The Musician” Ruffin, Jimmy “Dub” Williams, Ricky “NBA” Williams, Clarence “Pumpkin” Strong, Roger “77 Points” Brown, Alex “The Father” Harris, Leonard, Trevor “I Can” Ruffin, Joe “Flash” Jackson, Cleveland “Pikin Bo” Kirkland, Gordon, “Karaoke” Thompson, Michael “Jack Bocci” Nelms, Derrick “The Entertainer” Powell, Leroi “Everything” Johnson, Earl “The Man” Holmes, Eddie “Ass Kicking” Stenhouse, Eric “All Sports” Hawkins, Glen “Dash” Morey, Anthony “Barbro” Rantin, Kenny “High Hurdle” Ross, Albert “Mickey Mouser” Howard, Walter “Jap” Cromer, Key “Vandross” Berry, Bobby “Elegant” Pope, Kenny “Thoughful” Pope, Joe “Green Eyes” Jennings, and Richard “The Lion Hearted” Clark. This year, as in years past, those greats who have passed on will also be remembered. They include: Fred “Frenchman” Foster, Bernard “Smooth” Mitchell, Ron “Run Ron Run” Fleming, Zellie “ZD The Zone Breaker” Dow, Al Brown and Bob “Bean Ball” Buchanan