Alana Core Funeral Home Celebrates Anniversary

Rev. Alan R. Core Reflects on His Journey: Funeral Home Will Celebrate Anniversary  With  Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening  this Weekend

The Alan R. Core Funeral Home, located at  1933 Kensington Avenue, will host a 1 year Celebration and ribbon cutting grand opening  on Saturday November 23 from 1-4 p.m.

 During the spring of Buffalo early 1980’s a young man sought out the dream, his boyhood dream, sending numerous letters to colleges around the country. One day he became intrigued with the one response   from nearby Simmons School of Mortuary Science in Syracuse, N.Y. There finally was a school that offered him the ability to pursue an education that would teach how to serve those grieving the loss of a loved one. After completing a very complex course of study, he then  had to  pass the national board and state exam which gives license to be called a Funeral Director. 

Gaining   employment was not as immediate as he expected.  But due to an  unforeseen miracle in an out of area established funeral home, his life took a change for the better. The journey began some two years after graduation. When it seemed hopeless the door of   opportunity was opened. After many arduous character development lessons to help mold him into a servant of the people, Alan R. Core learned that anything worth having Is worth struggling for.

“I have seen many opportunities to cause me to give up and walk on, but my inner motivation keeps me going  against all odds. I believed that I could make a difference in funeral service by being not just an undertaker but a minister of funeral service. It’s been a long hard road of broken promises by those I trusted to assist me on my journey to ownership. In the beginning I blamed others  for not helping me become a sure footed businessman. But After much prayer I found those opportunities were really for me to set sail on my own God given gifts. Thankful now am I that I see my steps all along are yet ordered by the Lord. One thing is for sure I’ve been proud to say that my knowledge is a compilation of the greatest teachers in this Western NY area.

As it was predestined I served under four pioneering Black institutions and no one my age can say the same! The wealth of information and knowledge I’m blessed with stands to reason why today I have proudly opened my own funeral home – ALAN R. CORE FUNERAL HOME, 1933 Kensington Avenue Buffalo, N.Y. 

 I am Thankful for a supportive family,  church and community of real love for my success. From working out of my church office, car, and home to now having a spacious beautiful location to serve all faiths, “to God be the glory!” Today I not only am a Funeral Director but also Pastor of a great church, and newly elected treasure of the Erie Niagara Funeral Directors Board . I thank all who played a major part in making me a humble servant.

I’ve been in this field of funeral service for thirty seven years and ownership for five wonderful years. On Saturday, November 23 we  will be celebrating our first year in our new facility. All are welcome to come and witness this momentous event!