Politics, Health and Security are Topics of UNIA-ACL Community Forum

pictured above :President Lion Blyden (center) and members of the UNIA-ACL following their recent community forum

The UNIA-ACL Buffalo Division #433 held a community forum on Tuesday, September 24th. The focus of this meeting was politics, health and security. Every year we hear the call to “get out and vote” or a push to register voters. Historically, Black people are cautious about politics and distrusting of politicians in general. The question arises, how do we combat this? We have seen progress in certain areas politically on one hand, yet we have seen lack of progress and probable corruption on the other. To answer the question, local Garveyites proposed grading a political system based on the views, actions and voting history of politicians and potential candidates. It was resolved that the development of this system begin immediately. Community suggestions and proposals for grading criteria will be accepted until the October 9th deadline.

The impetus for the WNY Black Cross Nurses continued efforts to create a community clinic stemming from the sentiments, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and ‘Honor our ancestors.’ Recent studies on racial disparities in medical treatment, cancer clusters and toxic waste in the city have caused local activists and nurses to come together for a solution. Any assistance the community can offer would be greatly appreciated.

In response to the police commissioner’s request for a community based plan for the little league football games in East Buffalo, the UNIA has volunteered alongside other community organizations to patrol high profile games. Patrol schedules will be provided upon volunteer request by each Friday. In addition to this security detail, securing our children in the school system was another concern  raised. Recent reports of drug deals, sexual misconduct and other misdeeds by teachers and school officials, have sparked calls for more transparency from administrators immediately after an incident. Parent advocacy is already in place in schools, but it was suggested there needs to be advocacy from community members. Contacts are currently being compiled for an advocacy network to assist in this process.

   It was resolved that the Historical Garveyite Preservation and Community Awareness Initiative will move forward with tours, lectures and commemoration ceremonies beginning January 1st, 2020. The effort to add a new and completely unique Historical District to the city, is the epitome of honoring those ancestors who came before us.

The UNIA has begun circulating a petition for the community and local

Lyon Blyden UNIA-ALC President

Black history enthusiasts to show support for the coming attractions. For more information on these initiatives or to sign the petition visit us at: https://lionblyden.wixsite.com/website