Eagles Fly Over Bills 31 – 13

Bills Get Blown Out In What NFL Network Commentator Michael Irvin Called A Very Important “Street Cred” Game. 

 by George Radney
I agree. The  Bills had to win to show entire NFL they are a true playoff caliber team.  The Bills failed as a team with our defense getting manhandled up front with nose guard Star LoLotulelei and Ed Oliver getting their butt kicked by an experienced Eagles offensive line. Star Lotulelei has been the weak link in the Bills defensive front all season and is the highest paid at $10 million a season.  Why would the  Bills sign a bum for that kind of money who did not do anything in Carolina? It was Kwan Short doing the real work in Carolina! I remember media and fans complaining about Marcel Dareus, but where is the rage and discontent for an over paid player not living up to his contract? 

The Bills are in great shape for making playoffs in the AFC with must wins  against the  upcoming  Washington football team along with Miami Dolphins  and the New York Jets.  That would give the Bills eight wins and they would need two more to land at 10-6. I see Bills getting those two wins from the Denver Broncos and a road win against the Cleveland Browns. The Bills must tighten up their run defense and allow our talented secondary a chance to win some games. Bills cornerback Levi Wallace is having an excellent season opposite Tre Davis White. He’s in right position covering a wide receiver and can make a play on the ball.               I’m very impressed with Bills secondary playing at a very high level but against the Eagles there was no pass rush at all and nobody’s secondary can survive without a quality pass rush on the opposing quarterback.  Eagles running back Jordan Howard : “We were learning and we stuck with our running game with good blocking up front after reviewing film of  the Bills defense. Eagles Pro Bowl defensive tackle Fletcher Cox : “ After playing a poor game against the Cowboys allowing 150 rushing yards against us, we had to focus on stopping a very good Bills running game; we know when we are playing a full team defense we can beat anyone. We go home now after three on the road and a  4-4 record, and we must handle our business.” 

The Bills offense needs one good tight end not four mediocre ones all not being able to get open. They should have drafted Irv Smith, Jr. out of Alabama instead of drafting a backup in Dawson Knox and wasting free agency money on Tyler Kroft.  Once again Bills General Manager Brandon Beane has over spent on career backups. 

The Bills don’t have the personnel to stop a power running game. The Miami Dolphins gave the rest of the league a blueprint of how to run the football up the middle of Bills defense.  The Bills need a big run stuffing defense tackle instead of another wide receiver who can’t get the ball from our inaccurate QB.  

 The trade deadline is this week and  the Bills need to make some moves to strength their defensive line. There’s  no need to acquire another wide receiver when your QB Josh Allen can’t get the ball to them.  The Bills offensive line needs someone like all pro left tackle Trent Williams, who is sitting out the season with Washington,  and move Dion Dawkins to the right tackle to replace the dumpster fire created by playing Cody Ford out of position. Cody  is a guard not a tackle and should be returned to his natural position.  

The Bills take on Washington this Sunday to complete the home stand and I see them winning because of turnovers by rookie QB Dwayne Haskins, who will commit at least three turnovers in a Bills 20 to 13 win. I think future Hall of Famer Adrian Petersen will have a big game rushing against the Bills defensive line.

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