Bills Give Patriots a 16-10 Victory

by George Radney

The Bills early Super Bowl season is upon us and we will see how the team responds to a high pressure game. 

 The Bills Josh Allen is a turnover machine and needs plenty of support from offensive coordinator Brian Daboll putting him in better position to be successful.  Josh “Turnover machine” Allen is not a very good NFL QB, mainly because he’s can’t read a defense especially one as complexed as New England Patriots. Josh Allen has a very low football IQ and makes you seriously wonder why DeShaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes was not selected by the Bills in the NFL Draft. The Bills were   completely  manhandled by the Patriots on the  offensive side of the ball. 

Once again Micah Hyde continues to come up with big plays. The Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy is a beast and almost unstoppable by the Bills offensive line. Van Noy threw Bills tackle Cody Ford into the back field and then tackled Josh Allen for a loss of 8 yards. That play took us out of field goal range. Well Josh, welcome to the NFL  – getting knocked out cold while running the ball. That  should let him know this is not college football and he must learn to slide. 

The Bills defense came to play and pressured Tom Brady all day long.  This 2019 Buffalo Bills defense could go down as one of the best units of all time in Bills history. They need to increase sacks along with critical turnovers to make this happen. The  Bills offense must control the ball with a running game. Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll called a terrible game and did not use running back T.J. Yeldon until the second half of game. Daboll should have went with a short passing game with Yeldon and the rest of Bills receivers running crossing patterns. And  what about a few screen plays to help slow down the patriots pass rush?  It’s about time Daboll stepped up his play calling and use all his weapons. This is the type of game where a strong tall pass receiver is needed like Duke Williams. Why is Duke Williams wasting time on the Bills practice squad team when he ,in my opinion, is the Bills best wide out?

It’s also time to bring Marcus Murphy up off the practice squad in order to boost the running game. It’s obvious that T.J. Yeldon is better as a pass receiver instead of a running back and the Bills need another option to go along with Frank Gore, who surprisingly is having an outstanding season. Frank Gore is 36 years old and with 12 games to go will burn out at the pace he is running the football. 

 I always suspected that Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott is a terrible coach under pressure and it showed on Sunday by challenging two obvious calls by referees and costing his team two time outs, which along with using a third at the beginning of fourth quarter left Bills with no time outs for most of the fourth quarter. That’s poor decision making by McDermott  along with not kicking a field goal which would have made score 16 – 13 with most of fourth quarter remaining would have been the best move. 

 Once again offensive coordinator Brian Daboll took way too much time getting the plays called and sent to the quarterback  causing timeouts to needlessly being used. 

The Bills also need a new Special Teams coach with more experience and common sense to see we need a new punter. The punter should have been replaced before the season started. Corey Bojorquez was making terrible punts in preseason and of course nothing has change with his duties.  It’s time for the Bills QB to stop calling his own number in running with the ball and taking needless hits like the one given to him by Patriots defensive back Jonathan Jones.

This was a legal hit and Jones did his job of using his shoulder and stopping Allen’s progress along with knocking him out cold. Bills offensive lineman Quinton Spain talking about his return to Nashville, Tenn. next Sunday said, “We had a chance to win today, but next time we must execute; we must learn from our mistakes. A game is a game and we must attack them by watching the film to see what they like to do and then game plan to execute against them.”

The Bills travel to Quinton Spain’s former team, the  Tennessee Titans and another New England disciple Head Coach Mike Vrabel will have his team playing very aggressive. It will be a good idea to start Matt Barkley this week and bring Josh Allen back after the bye week on October 20th, at home against the Miami Dolphins. 

Prediction:  I have Titans winning the  game 17-16.

Bills & Football Reporter/ and Sports Columnist George Radney

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