Bills Didn’t Squish The Fish But Finally Defeated Them 31 – 21

Radney Report by George Radney

It’s a total disgrace that Buffalo Bills have a player named Senorise Perry wearing O.J. Simpson’s  jersey in this week’s game.

What happened to pride about your football team when you allow a journeyman player to wear your best player in team history as well as the entire NFL to wear his number 32? It’s the first time his jersey has been worn since 1977.

What was Senorise Perry thinking in asking to wear his jersey? It’s obvious he was not thinking and made a foolish decision because he refused to accept the history of the jersey. He played for Miami last year and other teams but never wore the 32 numbered jersey for those teams. It’s quite obvious he is being used by Bills front office and Head Coach Sean McDermott.  It’s a slap in the face to Bills fans around the world that a journeyman player at best is wearing the jersey of one of the greatest football players of all time. It makes Pegulas and entire organization look petty and not respecting its past. O.J. Simpson still has many league records  on the NFL books and his most famous record of 2,000 rushing yards in 14 game season has not come close to being surpassed. 

How can you ever have a winning franchise if you don’t respect your past?

The Bills defense finally had a down game to Ryan Fitzpatrick magic and keep in mind Fitz is always strong early in the season.  Fitz accuracy usual wears off starting in November. Bills QB Josh Allen was  totally confused by Miami’s defensive scheme Head Coach Brian Flores put together. 

The Bills are averaging only 14 points a game and no playoff team has been that low. The Bills will always keep their opponent in the game with that low scoring output.  The offensive coordinator continues to be a terrible play caller during crunch time and refused to pick up first downs in key situations. Once again he calls for a deep pass on 3rd and five instead of a short pass to pick up the 5 yards and keep control of the clock with 9 minutes left in the game.

Thankfully Bills defense back Tre Davis White came up with a forced fumble to put the  Bills in scoring position.  Tre had an all pro type day with a forced fumble, interception and 4 individual tackles. He’s playing at a Pro Bowl level. I also think Bills safeties Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer are clearly the best dual in the NFL and should be selected to the Pro Bowl. 

The Bills are now a winning team and cannot be ignored by national media. Josh Allen played a game without turnovers and must build on it in order to be  successful. T

he Bills defensive end  Hughes had this to say:  “Tre forcing that fumble was a phenomenal play and Coach Frazier  challenged us to make that big play; cuz we know a turnover can change the complexion of a game.” He  also added:  “We set a huge standard for ourselves in the film room but  we have so much to watch and  go over and review and focus on keeping teams under 50% on third down conversion and keeping teams to negative yards on first down.  We stress this to our young guys as being what’s  expected from them.” 

 Bills injured linebacker Corey Thompson commented: ”I’m healing up pretty fast and should be back in two weeks. I’m studying with the team and getting extra homework to keep me up to speed with weekly assignments; you can’t let your mind get lazy and stay game ready mentally and physically.”  Corey continued, crediting  LSU’s system : “Playing   defense at LSU you are going to play physical, fast, and with an attitude.” He’s  right about LSU players.  They come into the NFL and make their presence known right away. Hopefully Corey Thompson can get back into the lineup and continue to make his presence known on our special teams.

The Bills continue their three game home stand with the injury plagued Philadelphia Eagles coming to town and I see the Bills defense being up to the task to stop QB Carson Wentz and wide receiver Alshon Jefferies. Once again Josh Allen must limit turnovers and take what the defense gives him.

I see  the Bills taking advantage of Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters being out and pressuring Wentz all game long,  forcing turnovers which will give  the Bills a 24—21 win.

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