Up Close and Personal with Buffalo’s Own Dj T-Jizzle

by Shola Clark / Photo Blanc Photographie 

Tashene “T-Jizzle” Eubanks Jr. sat down for an interview while in town recently for the Legendary Nights Tour. He discussed how his career began, empowering our youth and living in belief, not in fear.

Tashene “T-Jizzle” Eubanks Jr., a Buffalo native, “spontaneously” started his ca-reer in deejaying at age 12. His father, Tashene Eubanks Sr., who introduced the idea to him, called his son from work one summer day suggesting “it would be cool if you tried this out.” At first, TJ said he took the oppor-tunity as something to “play with,” but it wasn’t long before he realized the potential and longev-ity in it all. 

Given the name “T-Jizzle” by a childhood friend’s cousin, he is currently the DJ to Future, one of the biggest rap/hip hop artists in the music industry. That’s a long way from his first love, football, (he’s a die-hard Patriots fan, but says “he’s not opposed to the Bills”). He and his dad even trained and planned for him to one day go to the NFL.

At one point he also had aspirations to be a lawyer. TJ credits his family for giving him a foundation of discipline, which has guided him throughout his life. When he decided he wanted to take being a DJ serious, he recalls how his father made sure he dedicated time to his craft, making him practice for hours daily. His parents taught him the importance of cater-ing to a crowd whether two or two hundred people, making him do mock shows for them in the living room. “Always play to the people, no matter how many people,” his father told him. His parents also laid the groundwork for his promotions, which he still applies today.

Well known DJ’s such as DJ Clue, DJ Kid Capri (his favorite), DJ Envy and DJ Drama were in-fluential to T-Jiz-zle, but it was lo-cal DJ’s that gave him the frame-work. DJ Shay of Buffcity Re-cords, gave him the groundwork of how to DJ and introduced him to vinyl and taught him how to scratch.

Dj Spin, by way of Grassroots Graphics, introduced him to the digital side and using a laptop. He also credits his Godparents, Jeff and Joyce Nixon, who afforded him the op-portunity at the NICYO to give parties; and Damone Brown and Dennis Wilson who gave him the gigs at clubs like Buffalo Live and The Good Life as well as showing him the importance of keeping good relationships with people.

Today, at the young age of 26, TJ has been in the game for four-teen years. T-Jizzle’s skill set – his vast knowledge of music, rhythm and technical know how – grew in the public eye when he became rap artist Future’s DJ, replacing his former DJ, DJ Esco. T-Jizzle had previously been acquaintances with Esco and they had a bond. When Esco decided to further his career he referred T-Jizzle to Future as his replacement.

This opportunity led to him making appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The To-night Show featuring Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards, Coachella, Juno Awards, BBC Asia, MTV South African Awards, Grammy award par-ties, and working with artists like Drake, NAV, The Weekend and Bruno Mars.

The most memorable experience he recalls, is being a member of the Summer 16’ Tour featuring Drake and Future, and performing in his hometown at the arena with his family stage side, doing a DJ set by himself that he describes as “nothing greater than that!”

He said it was at that moment he knew he wanted “more of this…” Currently with dual residency in LA and Buffalo, TJ’s upbring-ing in the Queen city has helped him adapt to the industry tre-mendously; giving him the sense that he was “bred to do this.” He relates the industry and its numerous levels to moving throughout different neighborhoods in the Queen city; a habit he is very familiar with as he once moved four to five times over a five to six year period. TJ compares councilmembers to artists and districts to the different levels within the indus-try stating, “a different district means adapting to different people.”

He also believes “living here you’re not spoiled to anything…you have nothing to lose.” His advice to anyone as-piring to be in the industry? “Know exactly what you want to do, because it takes a lot to get there but the hardest part is stay-ing there.” He strongly encourages aspiring artists to “build a team, even if it’s just you and another person, someone you can bounce ideas off and get inspirations from.”
When asked about the Queen City’s role in developing and supporting the local talent, T-Jizzle affirms the city is making improvements to advance, but at this time it is not fully devel-oped in the area of catering to the art and music coming out of this city. “There isn’t much to DJ in Buffalo or even places for artists to perform- we have work to do, all around,” he stated. Going into his 15th year of deejaying, T-Jizzle describes the upcoming year as “The Ultimate Reward.” He says he will be doing more touring, spending more time in the studio, working more on production and with a wide range of artists.

Also on his list of priorities is organizing school tours in the inner cit-ies, as he has very real concerns about the youth, their future, and inspiring them. He was raised to believe “you never know what you can learn from someone else” and he is determined to be an example of that to the next generation. 

T-Jizzle encourages the youth to stop living in FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but instead take chances and believe things will work out because “we are in God’s favor already.” Using him-self as a prime example said, “I never planned on deejaying for the people I’ve deejayed for…I planned on a bigger picture and everything in the middle God filled it up.”

His journey is truly God’s Plan.