The Beast Elite Ducks Lost More than a Game…

Last Saturday Morning a sea  of little  boys in matching white tee shirts   bearing the image of their beloved coach Norzelle “Nore” Aldridge, lined up at Jefferson and Genesee Street –  not for a game or fun filled event – but for their   coaches funeral. The 9 and 10 year old boys,  members of the Beast Elite Ducks youth football team,  were accompanied by other teams,  coaches,  supporters and friends, as they  walked in front of the long  funeral procession carrying the team banner to the church where services were held just several blocks away.

challenger community news photo




Aldridge, just 36, was the victim of senseless gun violence not far from where his team had played only hours earlier. According to news reports he was trying to break up a fight  after the game  (but not related to the game), when he was  fatally  shot.  On that day, their first game  of the season, the Ducks lost. But they lost so much more than a football game…..Our deepest condolences…Challenger Photos