Collaborative Urban Development Model Directs $1.5 Million to Fund WEGOD 11 Corporation

In 2018 Overseer Michael Chapman was appointed Chairman of Economic Development for the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.  Since the appointment he has taken his Buffalo Black Billion Economic Plan Model to Washington, D.C., Maryland and Florida as well as globally depressed areas.

Overseer Chapman has directed $1.5 Million  of those dollars to WECGOD II,  a 501c3 non-profit Corporation.  WECGOD II Corp. is an acronym for We Educate Communities Globally On Disparities.

Overseer Chapman has  released the following statement:

Our mission is to decrease the disproportionate burden of disease among medically underserved communities through education, empowerment, partnerships and interventional strategies that impact determinants of health globally.

The WECGOD II, Corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, health and religious purposes.  WECGOD II has collaborations with providers and programs which deliver health care, social justice, job training, community groups, daycare, seniors, economic development to decrease the disproportionate burden of disease and early loss of life among the medically underserved communities.  WECGOD II also has preventive and rehabilitative services which are funded through the solicitation of grants and contributions for the furtherance of this purpose.

WECGOD II, Board Chair and Administrative Secretary is Minister Ina R. Chapman. The  Director of Health Initiatives for the village and Executive is Catherine Wright. The funds will be to purchase a medical residence property at 111 Maple Street. 

 The Chapman Doss family would like to thank  St. John Baptist Church, Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church and its affiliate corporations for their wonderful support. Bl