Local Entertainment Company Taking A Stand To Address Recent Violence

above; RMG : Sheldon English (left) Patrick Holmes (right) Co-Owners of RMG Entertainment, LLC.

Respect My Grind (RMG) Entertainment., LLC, a concert and events company, is taking a stand to address recent violence and other issues impacting Rochester’s most vulnerable neighborhoods through the company’s new corporate social responsibility model.   

RMG will now donate one dollar from all ticket sales from most of their productions to help local non-profit organizations servicing minority communities address violence and other issues through creative and media arts. 

Starting next month with RMG’s second annual summer jam event, the  Avenue Blackbox Theatre, located at 780 Joseph Avenue, will be the first non-profit to reap the benefits of RMG’s commitment to give back to the community. 

The donation is restricted to help the theatre arts organization provide summer youth fellow’s stipends for participating in workshops and creating social media videos that will address community-wide problems such as recent gun violence through creative arts.    

“For the last few years we’ve coordinated major Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues and comedy shows that attract the people who are often directly impacted by the violence in our city,” said Reem, co-founder of RMG. “We realize there’s opportunity for us to influence our community by creatively addressing our concerns for the safety and progress of our city.” 

Reenah Golden is founder and creative director at the Avenue Blackbox Theatre and she’s thrilled that RMG is using their platform to connect to their audience and address the same types of community issues and experiences that are often depicted in theatrical productions at The Avenue.

“It’s a creative and bold approach to community impact,” said Golden. “It’s very much in-line with the mission of The Avenue’s youth fellowship which is created to elevate the voices of our young creatives and address underlying issues in the community through theatre, creative arts and social media.”