Blanc Photographie Capturing the Spirit of WNY Artists at 2019 Beau Fleuve Music Arts Fest!

Collage of some of the Beau Fleuve Music Arts Participants in the 2019 Festival. See Link Below for more images by Richard Blanc.

Local Buffalo creative and portrait photographer Yves-Richard Blanc of Blanc Photographie loves capturing Western New York Artists.

So, when the opportunity of capturing this year’s Beau Fleuve Music and

Yves-Richard Blanc of Blanc Photographie

Arts Festival as a Portrait Photo Essay, he jumped at it. In cooperation with festival founder Lindsey Taylor and organizers he was able to invest over 36 hours in the project which created over 600 final shots of artists and performers from this year’s event.

Beau Fleuve Music and Arts Festival is an annual internationally recognized one day music and arts festival in the City of Buffalo that celebrates all genres of arts, culture and music bridging the gap between genera-tions, communities and cultures.

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