The Saturday Cafe Conversation: RUIN’D

Opening: July 12th, 2019, 5–8 pm
Artist Talk: 6:30 pm
On view through August 10th, 2019, Tue-Sat, 12–5 pm
Free and open to the public

Join us on Friday, July 12th for the inaugural exhibition of RUIN’D at 5 pm for the opening reception of an exhibition and conversation with our Saturday Cafe Members at 6:30 pm.

Exhibition Description: 
Do you know what systems are controlling you? The internet, school, and even our jobs are determined by unseen systems that most of us barely understand. Ask yourself: do you know why schools teach what they teach? Why you get ads for things you have no connection to on the internet? Why for some does it take ages to find a job? Ruin’d features six young artists who explore these failed systems to expose our attachment to their assumed order.

Young media artists from Squeaky Wheel’s core community-based programs West Side Studios, Buffalo Youth Media Institute, and Tech Art for Girls have come together in our Saturday Cafe to create video and media installations that delve into system failures and the way they perceive them. The works feature a range of societal issues from active shooter drills in school, to corporate morality, from the failure of language to the genocide of Darfuri people in Sudan. The works aim to lead viewers into a space of questioning the authority of the status quo and leave a trace of consciousness that allows us all to think of our part in these questionable systems.

The Saturday Cafe:
This exhibition features the work of Saturday Cafe Members; Zaire Goodman, Breanna, Roberts, Matt Dearmyer, Dominique Scruggs, Raymarri Hugh, and Jolie Criscione. The Saturday Cafe is an experimental advanced track youth media education project, that provides students from our core community-based programs with challenging and engaging professional development and learning opportunities. This collaborative educational experience is student lead and co-created with the program’s primary media mentors. Together they create, work, experiment with presentation and develop new strategies to engage their surrounding communities with media arts that carry their voice and reflect their world.