Maritime Addresses Culture and Integrity

Pictured Above:Proud Maritime Cadets. Blanc Photography

By Solar The Communities Daughter

When you think of charter schools, how often do you think that the school culture is aligned with how students exhibit integrity? Well, at WNY Maritime Charter School, cadets are encouraged to not only become the example of what success looks like, academically, but students are able to engage in many aspects of leadership. From ranking officers to various sporting events, and most recently a High School Victory of A’Truss, these are just some of the powerful leadership opportunities that help our cadets blossom.

A’Truss was started when a few of the female cadets were not seeing eye-to-eye on some issues.Their substitute teacher just happened to be there on the right day in order to help out with their issues. Mrs. Ingram (aka Solar: The Community’s Daughter), has been subbing at Maritime all year, and has come to be called “mom” by many of the cadets.

In a plot to show the young ladies that they had more in common than they believed, Mrs. Ingram gave up her lunch time to spend quality time with a handful of blossoming cadets, talking through issues, and sparking conversations that allowed this small group of budding leaders to see their culture within education.The group of young woman, who are  known to be the example of A’Truss, came together and designed an image of themselves mimicking a national door decoration trend. This venture also will allow them to experience and introduce the culture of Maritime to their community, as well as hold them accountable for their actions as future leaders.

We would like to thank Mrs. Cathy Oldenburg, the Commandant of WNY Maritime Charter School for supporting her cadets and providing them with diverse opportunities These experiences have matured the students and enhanced their learning environment, with discipline, structure and a well-rounded education. I would encourage you to look into both the Middle School and High School of WNY Maritime Charter School.

(Mrs. Ingram would also like to give a special shout out to all her students, especially the Creative Writing Class of 5 cadets with a future in film. The students in this class has featured this wonderfully decorated door in their featured film “Maritime…School is Not So Scary”)