“Do Something Good For Your Neighbor Day Celebrates 10th Anniversary

“Do Something Good For Your Neighbor Day” is recognized  in   cities all across America including cities in Canada. It’s a Day that millions of people spread neighborly love . This Day is currently recognized on the National Calendar Day listing.

On May 16, 2019 I celebrated the  10th year anniversary  of  the founding   and celebration of “Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day.”  I was honored by Councilman David Franczyk at Buffalo City Hall for  spreading “Neighborly Love.” I also received honors of recognition from Governor  Cuomo, Congressman Brian Higgins, State Senator Timothy Kennedy, County Executive Mark Poloncarz, Assemblyman Angelo Morinello of Niagara falls and Mayor Paul Dyster of Niagara Falls. Buffalo Councilman David Franczyk sponsored  that ceremony, and many others   previously,  on my behalf.

The City of Buffalo has absolutely the best leadership in all of America. We are going take this initiative and parlay it throughout all of Western New York. We are considering a “Do  Something Good for your Neighbor”  event at Buffalo Canalside set for possible 2020. The goal is to create an environment that people feel  nothing but love; but also create a message to spread acts of kindness throughout all neighborhoods.

I started this vision back in Atlanta Georgia in 2009 walking down the streets handing out gifts cards, t-shirts, buying food and clothing to random people. I volunteer my time and talents throughout the community trying to set an example.   Atlanta City Councilman Michael Bond   declared  May 16, 2011 “Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day.”  That same year  I also was honored the Mayor Award & key to the City of Atlanta by former Mayor Kasim Reed.

On May 16, 2012 Councilman Franczyk  declared  “Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day” in Buffalo,   which made  it the second city to  recognized this effort.

Today thousands of cities recognize “Do Something Good For Your Neighbor Day.  This was truly a calling and a mission that God called upon myself to fulfill.