Bigger Three (To Be Free)

By A. Dorcely

On June 30, 2019 at 6p.m. a different sort of “Juneteenth” occurred. Several talented athletes decided to take their talents to “different shores” where they feel the “waves” of the basketball world will better suit them.

Some felt they needed to break free of the demands placed on them by current teams, public persona and the media.

Others were looking to play with their friends, players they’ve admired or on teams that could afford them a chance to “put a ring on it.” Hopefully, you remember Bird, McHale, Parish or Magic, Worthy, Jabbar or even Jordan, Toni and Pippen. All who have been replaced now by an era of the “Big Three” and I don’t mean Ice Cube’s basketball league, though that’s pretty good basketball in itself. What I mean is where players join forces to achieve the goal of a championship.

The latest dynasty now defunct was that of the Golden State Warriors lead by Durant, Curry and Thompson. Out of their ashes a new “Phoenix” has arisen. No, not as in the Phoenix Suns or the X-Men but more as in a renewal of time. And for many the time was now to get a Bigger Three together. One team in particular who had been planning for this moment was the New York Knicks who fell very short of their goals with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joining the Brooklyn Nets instead.

To add insult to injury they were also joined by DeAndre Jordan who was traded to the Knicks during the 2018-2019 season. Obviously, forming a new Big Three initiated a week filled with all sorts of “fireworks” within the NBA landscape.

I write all this to say that myself and other Knicks’ fans such as Spike Lee are now praying for the likes of Jesus Shuttlesworth, a young Ewing and Oakley to return in some form or another to resurrect “our” franchise and set us free from this losing that seems to be eternal!