April  Baskin, a rising star in local politics,  has worked hard and  earned the right to be re-elected to the County Legislature, and we proudly endorse her candidacy. She has proven herself to be a transparent, sensitive, knowledgeble, effective leader; not hesitating to  embrace such issues for example, like the fight for worker’s rights, affordable housing and decent transportation. She has brought   Sheriff Howard’s   feet to the fire in the case of the death of  India Cummings. “The holding center is a place for people who are offenders of the law go and await a trial and await a sentencing,” said  Baskin, who  called  Howard in to speak to the Public Safety Committee  which she chairs.“It is not some place where they should be dying.”

    Our support for Ms. Baskin goes beyond her extraordinary rise in the Legislature, first as  Majority Leader and then as the youngest person to be elected chairwoman of the Erie County Legislature by her colleagues.    We are impressed with  her  understanding of the importance of balancing politics with humanness. She understands   many of the harsh  and unfair realities  a great number  of her constituents face.   This single mother of a beautifull young daughter is   more  than a pretty face. There is depth and a steely determination  behind that nice smile. And she tries to govern with a steady hand and open mind.  Legislator Baskin   has made amazing  strides in just one year in office.  We can’t  imagine what she can accomplish  given the support and  opportunity to continue on her political journey.  Join us in helping her along the way by    re-electing Erie County Legislator for the 2nd District, April Baskin on Tuesday June  25!



Esther Smothers

Esther Smothers started her community activism  when she was encouraged by then councilmember Beverly A. Gray to intern in her City Hall office. Over the years she  worked for  various  city and county government  officials  from Mayor Brown to the Poloncarz administration and  former Legislator Betty Jean Grant. As a result Ms. Smothers  possesses a wealth of  knowledge and insight into the workings  of city and county government.   After experiencing a  “Tale of two  Buffalo’s ” first hand, she    decided to  run for  Lovejoy district councilmember in  order to   utilize  her skills to bring equitable resources, programs and economic development to neighborhoods in our community.  Said Esther: “I realized that many areas of my community had not seen a ray of light of our New Revitalzed Buffalo.” Her only option she  concluded was to “stand up, carry the torch, utilize the 15 years of local government constituent service experience,  and be the change I want to see!” We believe   Esther possesses  the sensitivity, strength of character and independence to  make a fine  representative.  On a  historic note, if she wins, she will become the  first African American to represent  the Lovejoy District. We  strongly endorse  her candidacy and ask our readers to join us in voting for Esther Smothers in  the upcoming June 25th Primary election.



Not since  Charley H. Fisher   laid down in front of a garbage truck protesting the User fee, have we seen anything close to that  kind of passionate activism –  until Nate Boyd.

Nathan L. “Nate”  Boyd    is a candidate for the Masten Disrict Council seat.  He has displayed the kind of energy  and independence  that is needed  on the Common Council. He may not lay down in front of a truck, but his direction is clear:  “A councilman is supposed to be the people’s advocate,” he said recently. We agree.    And for that reason, we proudly endorse Nate Boyd’s  candidacy for Masten District Council Member.

Mr. Boyd was an activist  long before he decided to enter the political arena. Over time he became a “Nate Boyd Facebook Live” celebrity; a hero to many as we went   about the  business of bringing   injustices and neglect in the district to light, which usually  resulted in positive action. His  advocacy  ranged from  exposing the many problems of public  housing and BMHA to helping young mothers who are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous landlords, to identifying and cleaning up vacant lots used for dumping in Masten.

The good news is that win, lose or draw  Nate will continue his  public advocacy. But getting elected will give him an even greater platform for the much needed  work he is dedicated to.

Please join us in going to the polls and voting for Nathan L. “Nate” Boyd for Masten District Councilmember Tuesday, June 25th!!




Katrinna Martin is one of the most qualified, dedicated, conscientious candidates currently running for office. We are impressed with her vision and her  track record  of activism (which includes national recognition.) She has a solid  plan for progress and  we are proud to endorse her  in the race for Erie County Legislator for District 1.  When Ms. Martin  called into the Community Hour talk show  on WUFO 93.7  a few weeks ago, she was impressive. “I’m ready to lead this community” she declared.  A Registered Nurse of 16 years with 22 years of experience in the healthcare field, her community advocacy dates back to 2005. She was the first African American Democratic zone chairman in Cheektowaga and is a currently a  Democratic Committee Member in Erie County and president of  Young Black Democrats of NY . Her platform includes improving the Department of Health; improving the  Erie County Holding Center and  extending the summer youth program to last year round to keep youth busy and active. Improving transportation  and the county’s job training program is also part of  her program in addition to  starting a Rural to Urban Nutrition Coalition to further address the “food deserts” in communities that need them most. For more information go to vote.katrinna.com

Please join us in voting for Katrinna Martin, for Erie County Legislator 1st District on Tuesday, June 25!



The Fillmore District is a unique  place that requires a special leader to take it to the next level. We believe that Tina Sanders is that person and we proudly endorse her in the race for Fillmore District Councilmember. Tina,  the only woman running in that race, has the ability  to bring fair and equitable governing to that diverse community.  Ms. Sanders  is a  people person; a compassionate individual who has shown her loyalty to  others  through the leadership of her not-for-profit organization No More Tears. A strong advocate for children, she is running on a platform of commitment and change and pledges to: turn blighted streets back into neighborhoods; Bring entrepreneurs and new businesses to the District; Establish an office in the Fillmore district and police absentee landlords; embrace our immigrant community; and be a strong advocate for redistricting and the Central Terminal. She also wants to target the over 5,000 empty lots  in Fillmore, which are ripe for development. Tina, through her   organization No More Tears,  works with the police department and other  crime advocates across the country to reduce crime, solve homicides and be a resource to families. She has 3 biological children and has adopted 12 children over the years as a foster parent. Tina sees the council seat as a way she can  bring about  much needed change to the district she has lived in for more  than 20 years.  Her biggest strength is her resourcefulness and integrity. Please join us in voting for Tina Sanders, Fillmore District Councilmember on  Primary Election Day, Tuesday June 25!



It is an honor to endorse   University District Councilmember Rasheed Wyatt for re-election. Mr. Wyatt has served in office for the past five years and has worked hard to  bring the district together. He has grown University from 8 to 30 block clubs and focuses on empowering and organizing residents; ensuring that their voices are heard.  He recently announced that a long planned Street Scape plan  for Bailey Avenue  would soon begin. Mr. Wyatt is an exemplary leader who is well aware of his district’s great potential.  He represents about 30,000 residents and his  basic platform  is community engagement and doing his best to keep residents informed. “It’s not always my way it is the community’s way,” he recently stated. Please join us in voting for Rasheed Wyatt, University District Councilmember on Primary election Day, Tuesday June 25.