Pictured Above: Author Actor and Father Peter Jonson surrounded by young readers Josiah Hutchinson, Sophia murphy,  his son Xavier Johnson and Lelani Thomas

Actor, writer, director, and entrepreneur Peter Johnson has published a book   about helping children survive divorce and separation. He wrote The Cow on Two Farms, A Children’s Guide of How to Cope with Divorce and Separation as a creative way to remind his children that fatherhood does not end with divorce and to help them live with the fear and confusion of a divided household.

On Sunday, June 2, Peter provided a short reading and Q&A followed by an interactive panel discussion about how adults can assist children experiencing family divorce and separation during a book signing at the Merriweather Library.  Also supporting the effort and participating in the panel discussion were Roselyn Kasmire- Buffalo Public Special Educator – Benjamin Hilligas- Director of Erie County Youth Board/Youth Detention Services.

Peter explains. “I want children to see the benefits of living in two homes. I wanted my children to understand that I loved them, and we were going to remain a family despite the separation. It was important for them to know that this experience does not necessarily have to be a scary memory but a childhood adventure where they feel loved and share a few laughs with their loved one. 

A Brief Book Description: When Cathy the Cow is confused about having to visit her father on another farm, she learns an important lesson about love that survives separation. Author Peter Johnson uses farm animals to help children understand what it means to live in two homes when their parents are no longer together.

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