Lovejoy and Fillmore Districts Matter!

Council can be in the hands of the minority community again if two female candidates running for the Lovejoy and Fillmore Districts are successful.

After the next election, the Buffalo Common Council can be in the hands of the minority community again if two female candidates running for the Lovejoy and Fillmore Districts are successful in winning the June 25th Democratic Primary!

    Esther Smothers, candidate for the Lovejoy District and Tina Sanders, candidate for the Fillmore District, are running in council districts where the incumbent council members have chosen to retire. If these two well qualified women are elected, it will be the first time African American council members will be in the majority since the Buffalo Common Council election of 1999. The Masten, Ellicott and University Districts’ candidates are all minority candidates so those districts will be represented by a person of color regardless of the outcome of the Primary.

    Esther Smothers is a well known community activist who was mentored in community activism and government affairs by the late Buffalo Council Member, Beverly A. Gray, one of the most effective and beloved lawmakers this city has ever known. Ms. Smothers has worked in Mayor Brown’s administration,  County Executive Mark Poloncarz’s administration as well as serving  as Chief Of Staff to the former 2nd District Legislator and former Erie County Chairwoman Betty Jean Grant. She also served as the facilitator for the We Are Women Warriors group for several years.

   Tina Sanders has been a resident and homeowner in the Fillmore District for over 20 years. Ms. Sanders is the founder and CEO of No More Tears, a community group that comforts, assists and support families that have been impacted by gun violence and homicides.

   In addition, Tina Sanders and No More Tears are one of the five groups that make up the Buffalo Peacemakers coalition. They are charged with bridging the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve. She is also the president of the Bissell Ave. Block Club and has been a foster mom to many children who needed her love and support in some period in their lives.

   Buffalo has not had a female citizen as one of its common council members since Bonnie Russell resigned the University District seat in 2014. I believe It is time to diversify the council chambers with female representation to bring attention to issues that impact women in the workforce as well as family household issues that women will, by nature, bring to the legislative forefront.

   On Tuesday, June 25th, please go to your regular polling place and vote for Esther Smothers for Lovejoy  District Council Member and Tina Sanders for Fillmore District Council Member.