Draft Dreams! Zion , The First

Spots Update & Photo/ by A. Dorcely

   Draft dreams were realized last Thursday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York for a select group of young men. The most heralded of them being Zion Williamson. From high school/ Instagram sensation to the top high school recruit in the nation. Zion has made believers out of all comers while turning some into Duke Blue Devils’ fans. During his Freshman year at the college basketball powerhouse, Zion seemed to be unstoppable except for the “loss” he took to a pair of Nikes. But even after all the  accolades and a great season he was still consumed with an overwhelming pressure. This was a weight he had been carrying since he was young boy and no matter how many achievements he had garnered there would be one above all others that he cherished. On Thursday, June 20th the next LeBron was  not called out as the Pelicans’ selection for the number one draft pick of 2019. No that illustrious denomination belonged to none other than the first Zion to enter the NBA. And while millions watched on tv we saw a young man let go of all the heaviness he had been walking around with for years and thank the lady that had been pushing him through it all. His mother! Zion’s dream to be the number one pick had been realized but he could not say a word as the reporter questioned him. He could only cry tears of joy, tears that contained everything he had been through to get to this point. The draft dreams that come true on all draft days are not just about being drafted. They are that of PERSEVERANCE!!!