Craft Technical Institute Inc. Open for Business!

New  training center – Craft Technical Institute, Inc. –  recently hosted an open house at its 243 Manhattan Avenue location. “We’re currently recruiting students,” said School Director Frank Daniel. “We’re up and running and ready to go!”

Craft Technical  Institute, he continued,  is committed to preparing individuals for a career experience in the construction trades. 

The Institute, according to an informational flyer, recognizes  that there is a need for skilled crafstmen/women in this growing field. “We enthusiastically accept the challenge of preparing persons to become the ‘best of the best!’ “

Daniel pointed out that the training is “hands on”  and runs about six months. There  are various avenues available to help people get financial assistance.

With  30-plus years of experience in the construction field, Daniel is excited  about opening the Institute.

“We are very industry oriented,” he said. “When I look around and watch all the building currently going on in the city as well as future construction, I know there is a real need for people   in our community to get the necessary skills in the construction trades in order to go to work and build a career.”

For more information on enrolling  at the Craft Technical Institute call (716) 464-3442 or go to