“…Books Are a Cornerstone of The Universe…”

“Seek accurate information and read books voraciously; books are a cornerstone of the universe, the very source of life-changing knowledge. For knowledge is power; and except for power, all is illusion.” From the book, MAAT:Guiding Principles of Moral Living by Ife Kilimanjaro, Tdka Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb and T’Gamba Heru.

John Henrik Clark and the Power of African History by Ahati N. Toure

•The Last Thing You Surrender: A Novel by Leonard Pitts, Jr.

Let Love Have the Last Word: A Memoir by Common

•Loving You, Thinking of You, Don’t Forget To Pray: Letters to My Son in Prison by Jacqueline Jackson

Mind and Matter: A Life in Math and Football by John Urschel

•They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South by Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers

The Undefeated (Children’s book} by Kadir Nelson

Zora and Langston: A Story of Friendship and Betrayal by Yural Taylor

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Zawadi Books,

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Mood Makers Books

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