The African American Veterans Monument Parade is Coming!

By Jewelean Magee

The African American Veterans Monument Parade is in the planning stages for this national event of all times and the theme is about all the Black soldiers who have fought in all twelve wars that the United states has been in and still fighting.

The parade will feature highlights of famous African American groups in the military such as the Buffalo Soldiers, The Harlem Hell fighters of WW1, The Tuskegee Airmen,The “6888”Central Postal Battalion. Mrs. Indiana Hunt-Martin and Katherine Robinson served in the only all African American female unit that kept the mail flowing to nearly seven million soldiers in the European Theatre of Operations.  Both are still living in Buffalo.  Both ladies were inducted into the New York State Hall of Fame for veterans by Senator Tim M. Kennedy in 2013.  Also the “761st” tank battalion also known as the “Black Panthers” where Mr. Russell Guthrie served with the all black tank battalion, and the list goes on.

Amvets Post 24 Commander Debbera Ransom said that she felt compelled to put on this parade of heroes and sheroes to show the community strength, pride, and courage of the ones whose shoulders we (as a nation) stand on.

“When the African American Veterans Monument Committee met on January 30,2019, that was the first meeting I attended to pitch the idea of the parade to kick off the unveiling of the monuments because there was no mention of a parade to begin with.  I went back to the post members and asked them how they thought about a parade to kick off the unveiling of the first national African American Monuments and they said yes.  When the second committee meeting of the Monuments met on February 13,2019 I attended the meeting and presented the idea of having a parade for the celebration and the Monuments Committee voted by saying it was a good idea, and the parade was voted in,” said Commander Ransom.

Since that second meeting the mentioning of the parade has created an excitement already in the air with anticipation of this event.  “We (post members) will give the community something to look forward to in recognizing the honor, courage and pay homage to those who are no longer with us which will reflect on floats with songs, and praise. 

The parade will also recognize African American Veteran Owned Businesses.  We will be asking the community to participate in the parade by bringing mementos, phots and memorabilia of their loved ones, friends, and family,” stated Commander Ransom.

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