Rise Up Right Highlights in Sports Covers it all and talks Bills OJ Jersey Un-retirement

Welcome to Rise Up Right, where we give you the best sports news and highlights, and updates taking full circle in the sports world. Thank you for your continued support….and with that being said Let’s Rise Up…. Buffalo Bills News This past week was all about mixing the old with the new as One Bills Drive hosted their rookie minicamp.

Chemistry is the name of the game as building this amongst teammates can be harder than playing jenga. Ask the Pittsburgh Steelers about the importance of chemistry. Josh Allen and other Buffalo Bills veterans are very enthusiastic about the new talent arriving to the Bills organization. Leadership will definitely play an important role in how fast the rookies will excel in their specific roles. Which rookie will have the most impact in year one of their NFL career.

My answer is all of them as I hope that everybody excels in the position that they may hold once Week 1 begins. Just a reminder we are only 15 weeks away from the NFL season opener.

Speaking of openers, there are new reports that OJ Simpson’s #32 will be worn by a Buffalo Bill this year. What the who-what-where-why and how is going on? Many sports fans would have thought that OJ Simpson’s number would have been retired by the Bills organization especially after his great contributions to the franchise. Simpson is easily the best overall running Back the Bills organization has ever had. Oj Simpson ran for over 11,000 yards and had over 2,000 receiving yards and 75 touchdowns and has been a Hall of Famer since 1985. That’s almost as long as I have been  living and now another Bills player   will wear his number. Who will wear “The Juice” number? Do you think this is a good move by the Bills organization?

In other Bills news, Jerry Hughes has been signed to a 2 year deal with the Bills as Hughes has been the Bills best pass rusher for the last couple of seasons. This deal will pay Hughes up to 23 million dollars and 19.5 million of that will be guaranteed money. Is Hughes good for the money? How many sacks will Hughes have this upcoming season?

In Other Sports News The Golden State Warriors have swept the Portland Trail Brazers after winning Game 4 on Tuesday night 119-117 in OT. The Warriors will get well needed rest as Kevin Durant who didn’t play in the Western Conference Finals will be needed in these NBA Finals against the winner of the Toronto and Milwaukee series which the currently its 3 – 2 Toronto lead in the series. The Buffalo Sabres have filled their Head Coach job vacancy by hiring Ralph Kruger this past week. Ralph Krueger is a Canadian-born German professional ice hockey coach and former hockey player. He played hockey from 1979 to 1991 as a right winger. He also was a head coach for the Edmonton Oilers 2012-2013 but was let go by the Oilers.

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